Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ramazan again

I can't believe another year has past so quickly.  It's Ramazan again.  I remember clearly writing about it last year here and was just reading my post again and realised that I didn't hear the drummer in the early hours of the last two mornings.  I don't think that I was in such a deep sleep that I just didn't hear him...and in any case Beki is sleeping on the balcony and her barking at the drummer would certainly have woken me up.

I found an interesting article in Todays Zaman about the tradition of the Ramazan drummer, and discovered that there is in fact only one woman drummer in the whole of Turkey.

I'm wondering if the village drummer isn't being used this year.  I have discovered since moving here that the men of the village are not very religious.   My father-in-law (who attends mosque regularly) told me that when he is staying here, he is disappointed to see that only 2 or 3 men of the village attend the mosque.  I have also noticed that the men who are to be seen in the village teahouses from dawn till late at night, are not fasting.  They are continuing to drink tea and smoke cigarettes throughout Ramazan.  In my experience this is unusual in a village community, where you generally find the people are strict muslims.

The women of the village however are the complete opposite.  I see my two immediate neighbours (both widows) praying every day, and they strictly adhere to the fasting rule during Ramazan.

The other thing I mentioned in my post last year was the impending visit by my in-laws..something I was dreading, and which turned out to be a very unpleasant experience.

They are due to visit again at the end of Ramazan this year...but a year has made a big difference in terms of my relationship with my father-in-law.  Since his last visit  this year, when I had a long talk with him and we made our peace, we have communicated occasionally by email.  Nothing very much other than my updating him on the state of the garden...just a few words now and again.

But it's enough to prevent me from dreading their visit, and to actually look forward to them being here.


  1. I do remember reading that post! So fast a year flies by!

    Hope you have a happy time with in-laws :)

  2. I hope it's a peaceful visit. I hope she doesn't see fit to rearrange your things this time. Good luck and keep us posted.

  3. I love Ramazans! :) today is first Ramazan here in Pakistan! :) And I am fasting. it's like a culture here! :) The sehri and then the Iftar. And whole day dedicated to Allah. Wonderful.

    I hope the visit works fine for you this year! :) Happy Ramazan! :)

  4. CJ: Thanks...I hope so too.

    'Cross the Pond: Well it will be over a month before they arrive, so I've plenty of time to get myself prepared!

    Kaibee: Happy Ramazan to you too sweetie xxx

  5. You're getting FIL house trained after all...a year ago you would never have had any response from him, even about the garden.

    It usually is the women who observe religious rural France it's the women in the church and the men in the bar...just the way it seems to be in your village!

  6. Fly: It was well worth my making the effort with FIL. OK I don't suppose I'm ever going to really like him..but it's better than having an atmosphere when he's here.

    Yes it does seem that our village is simlar to rural France as far as religious practises are concerned, but it's just so unusual to find a village here where it is the case.

  7. Now that you've broken the ice between you and your FIL I'm sure that the visit will help cement your friendship. Maybe you can talk gardening with him?

  8. Your veiws on the people and lifestyle in Turkey are always so interesting. One of the most interesting parts is that it is never as I imagine (or have been told) it would be.

  9. Happy Ramazan Ayak! :) I love this time of the year! Waking up at 4 is surprisingly refreshing! :)

  10. Jan:Gardening will certainly be the main topic of conversation...he is very knowledgeable on the subject...and I'm not!

    Mr H: I suppose most people who settle in this country see things my perspective is probably quite different to others, particularly those who live in the tourist areas.

    AbeerJ: Thankyou and the same to you!
    I'm always up shortly after this time during the summer time of the day!

  11. I can remember reading your posts last year and being glad that I didn't have to go through all that fasting etc.
    Time does fly..... alarmingly so.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Hope you have a good visit with your family or at least a peaceful one. Families can be difficult. So many expectations to live up too.

  13. likeschocolate: Thanks...and you are so right!

  14. Maggie: See my latest post "Well I never knew that"...I've just discovered my spam box...and your recent posts were in it. Of course I then clicked the button to say you are not spam...and they then appeared here in the relevant post's comments.

    I thought I was going mad...getting the email notification but your posts not appearing!

  15. It's great when you feel the relationship growing a bit warmer....

  16. is...and it makes life a lot easier too!


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