Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Roll on Autumn

It's still extremely hot and humid, but there are small signs that Autumn is around the corner. The sun is rising later so it's cooler for  longer in the morning. I can get up a little later than 5.30am to water the garden.

(I thought I'd mastered the art of adding captions to the following pics...but it seems not....Fly...if you're!)

So I'll just tell you that the pic of the sunrise was taken at 6.30am rather than 5.30am.   Beki and Poppy enjoying the cool morning air.

My fig tree is looking wonderful.  It's producing fruit later this year, but not all at once, which is great and enables me to pick a few as and when I need them

I just need my mental alarm clock to stop waking me up at 5.00am....I really need a lie-in!


  1. Aww your photos are lovely and yay to cool mornings!! After living in Thailand I know just how precious those cool mornings are!

    C x

  2. As usual your pics are gorgeous Ayak xx

  3. Carol: Just a couple of hours of coolness is a blessed relief!

    Bomb: Thankyou xxx

  4. Those photographs look so professional...I'm going back to see how I did captions and will get back to you.
    No guarantee that it will make any sense second time round, though!

  5. Lovely photos, Ayak - and to think a while back you were telling us all what a rotten photographer you were!

  6. Fly: Any help would be appreciated...we are the only people who understand each other's "technical" instructions! I actually added the captions but when I posted they had disappeared!

    FF: Thankyou...I really didn't think they were that good...although I am understanding the camera a little more now

  7. Awesome pictures Ayak <3 as for ur mental alarm clock, when i lie down to sleep i tell myself to wake up at so and so time taking my name and repeat 3 times, i tell u it works like a charm! :D

  8. How lovely to have fresh figs :)

  9. AbeerJ: Oh I'll give that a try!

    auntiegwen: Yes it was one of the lovely surprises when we moved here!

  10. Well, that was fun!

    It came down to reinventing the wheel as usual, but I found that when I put up a photograph on the actual post, a little line appeared underneath it with all sorts of things like size, placement...and 'add caption'.

    So I did. It didn't appear quite where I thought it sort of centred under the pic, but it did stay there.

    I am a bit phased by your background, though. Do you think that makes a difference?

  11. Fly: Talk about minds thinking alike! I've just been thinking the same thing...about the background. Because I did exactly as you said so the captions should have stayed put. I'm going to have to try and get rid of that background....aargh...wish me luck!

  12. What gets me is how you got it in the first does look good.

  13. Oh, as I has lost its' colour but still has the outline.

  14. Fly: Well I managed it but had to get rid of the background first..shame because I did quite like it. Obviously the captions weren't showing up because the background was too dark.

  15. Oh and I meant to say Fly that I didn't attempt to put captions on this post because I was scared that if I tried to edit and add them I would mess everything up. So I tried it on the latest post with the pic of Billy...


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