Sunday, 1 August 2010

Strange sky

I was up as usual at 5.30am to water the garden, then have my coffee outside before it gets too hot.

Well I've been sitting outside for much longer this morning, as the sun is hidden behind a blanket of grey cloud.  This pic was taken just before 8am, when I'm usually inside the house with the curtains drawn and windows closed to prevent the heat from coming in.

It looks like it could rain, although there's no mention of rain in the local forecast.  Oh I do so hope it does.  I'll be outside with the dogs enjoying every minute!

Animals usually sense rain don't they?  This is my next door neighbour's yard where the cows, donkey and goats are usually to be found,  but they are obviously taking shelter at the moment waiting for the rain?   Bring it on!!

Update:   No it didn't rain.  Within an hour of my taking that photo, the sun came through and it was as hot as ever.  In fact it was worse because it was extremely humid.  Ah well...I'll just stick to having showers in the bathroom.


  1. Amazing isn't it...we move from the rain of England...and we miss it!

  2. Good luck with a downpour!

  3. I'm so excited to see the surroundings where you live. Those two pictures are great. I can see what you view from your house, see the other buildings, and the land surrourding you which I find most interesting. Not to sound stupid, but I've never been to Turkey and it all sounds so enchanting. Trees and grass? Well, I just don't envision it as your pics it's wonderful when you photograph some of your surroundings. Lovin the photos!! SEND MORE.

  4. Fly: Actually I've always quite liked rain...well not quite as much of it as they get in the UK! So I do miss it.

    Jan: Unfortunately no downpour after all...within an hour the sun broke through and its been extremely humid all day...yuk.

    Charlotte Ann: Thanks. If you want to see a few more photos, scroll down to my Labels and click on photos...if you can be bothered there are a few more.
    Also the label "My Turkey Journey" might be of interest to you..more pics of the many different places we've lived since I moved to Turkey.

  5. has it? has it? I need to know...

  6. Well, I hope that it rains and you enjoy each and every minute of that. :)
    The shots are lovely! :)

  7. Kelloggsville and Kaibe:

    No rain..I just added an update to my post to that effect. what a

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