Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Treading carefully... what I am doing right now.  With Mr Ayak that is.

He arrived home safely.  He wasn't in the mood to talk.  He tried to sleep but that didn't work.  He sat quietly for a while and then he  started to talk about his next business idea.  I'm already aware of it anyway because we looked at small shops for rent in Milas last week.  He has a friend who asked him months ago whether he wanted to go into business with him, but the Hamam was already up and running.

I'd like him to slow down a bit...give himself chance to clear his head.  But I guess for him it's a bit like falling off a horse and needing to get back on again as soon as possible.

He contacted the friend and went into Milas to see him this evening.   I'm treading carefully because I'm worried that if he rushes into something else so quickly, it may fail and he will be even more depressed than he is I'm not really saying much...just letting him talk.

We used to call it manic depression when I worked in the mental health field.  Nowadays it's called Bi-polar Disorder.  I'm pretty certain he is heading in this directon.  One minute he is down, the next he is frantically dashing around or talking so fast he doesn't stop for breath.

It's now almost 2.30am.  He's still in the sitting room on his laptop.  He can't wind down.  And because he can't...I can't.

He had words with the General Manager at the hotel today.  He told him straight that if he was able to earn money he would pay him...but at this point in time it was impossible.  The GM said he would take him to court...Mr A said go ahead.  What else can you say? You can't get blood out of a stone!

So I think he is intending to go back to the Hamam tomorrow and stick it out as long as possible, and presumably at the same time try to get this new business off the ground.

It would be so much more beneficial for Mr A if he could just take some time off,  to relax and start again when he is ready.  But he knows he has to earn money...we have to he'll just keep going.

Difficult times.


  1. Dreadful to have to go on flogging a dead horse in order to get a semi clear start...but that is how it is in the real world which is why it is so depressing.
    You start to understand why people prefer to live on benefits...except that I could not..nor more than, I imagine, could Mr. Ayak...even if they were available

  2. Fly: The only consolation (if that's the right word) I have is that we are not alone. There are just so many people here going through similar experiences right now. I can't believe how many businesses are closing down, and the numbers of people out of work. Well it's not just Turkey of course...everyone's feeling the pinch.

  3. I have it in my head that Milas is sort of like our small town here. It is so hard to make a living from the local community and the tourist season is so short.
    Pop round for a cup of coffee and a chat, we'll put the world to rights :-)

  4. Rosie: Milas is just a normal town..not part of the tourist industry..and it's the nearest town to our village. Mr A's business is just outside Bodrum..which is very touristy. The new venture which will be in Milas isn't connected to the tourist industry...which I'm pleased hopefully it will be an all-year-round business.

    Oh I would love to pop round for a coffee and chat :-))

  5. I just wish you two could spend some time together away from all the worries ...... these times are a nightmare ... still sending you both hugs xx

  6. I am sorry to read of your troubles and of Mr Ayak. I hope that you are able to overcome this. I recognise myself in how you describe Mr Ayak's reactions, it's such a difficult spiral, I hope he is able to get out of it.
    Best wishes to both of you.
    Take care.

  7. i understand what u must be going through since my father is having the same issues nowadays.. there are days when u just lose all hope and want to go away and never come back.. as a daughter i cant do much for my father, just help him bring some positivity in his approach.. that's what i did and now he's loads better.. i hope Mr Ayak gets better soon!

  8. Bomb: I wish we could chance at the moment. Thanks for the hugs xx

    Piglet...thank you very much xxx

    AbeerJ: I'm sure you are doing wonders for your father and he will surely appreciate having such a caring daughter. Thank you for your good wishes xx

  9. So sorry to hear about your financial troubles. I will say a prayer for your husband that he will know what is the best thing to do.

  10. So sorry to hear about your financial troubles. I will say a prayer for your husband that he will know what is the best thing to do.

  11. SO sorry to hear things are so hard. My husband is very hard to pull out of a spiral, once he gets headed in that direction it can last for months. I find myself walking on eggshells most of the time just trying not to set him off. Hope things get better for you both and the situation lightens up a bit. It's quite a load to carry.


  12. likeschocolate: Thankyou xxx

    Terri: Hi and welcome. It is difficult to deal with isn't it? Thanks for your good wishes x


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