Saturday, 14 August 2010

Well...I never knew that!!

Hey all you bloggers!  Did you know you had a Spam box?   I didn't.  I just came across it by chance.

If you click on "Comments" on your Dashboard, then "Spam"...there it is.   And when I opened it I found three comments from one of my blogging friends that for some reason hadn't appeared on my blog in recent days, even though I had received the email notification.

Now I'm really not sure why this particular blogger ended up in my Spam box, because she has posted comments regularly on my blog for ages.  Does anyone know why this could have happened?


  1. It's a new feature and I am not sure how necessary it is. I moderate all my incoming comments because, with the potential for sex site ads, viagra (Cheap!!) and the inexplicable Chinese comments, I don't want my blog to look down a walk through the seedier sections of town.

  2. I'm afraid I have no idea about this. I wouldn't know how to open the spam box or anything.

    I was reading the post below and felt so sorry for the crying puppy. I'm afraid that I would never get used to animal cruelty not matter how hard I tried.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. looks like a new feature to me. The help page on it is useful. Follow the link, Spam filters are normally rarely intelligent. Mark your commentors as not spam, it will remember. thanks for the heads up, I will keep my eye on it too

  4. Don't!

    I found know, wondering what was this new thing that turned up...thought it was a storage device...deleted away happily...and then found the damned thing had deleted the comments from the blog posts!

    Worse...the odd things I do moderate...incomprehensible Chinese and the really very unpleasant person who is the reason I started to moderate posts in the first place...didn't turn up in the spam bit, but in the main body of comments.

    I could spit.

    Mr. Fly said smugly that I should have asked you first before fiddling about...he is, as usual, right!

  5. Nomad: I know what you mean. I've been pretty lucky so far. I just had one person who caused me to start moderating my posts a little while ago, but nothing since.

    Maggie: I've been advised by a techy friend of a friend that you could have ended up in my spam box because there may have been a virus or trojan attached to your post. Now you know I have no idea what this could maybe you might want to check it out in case you may be caused some problems.

    As far as the stray dogs are concerned. It isn't cruelty. These dogs belong to no-one...they're are no-one's responsibility. It's the same all over Turkey. People generally are quite kind. They put out water by the bins and leave scraps. Of course it's not enough..but it's difficult to wipe out the problem unless there's a massive cull. Some are Beki and Poppy many others I've rescued and found homes for. But it's impossible to save them all.

    Kelloggsville...I agree spam filters don't really work that efficiently..well they don't for me

    Fly: Oh didn't!! Well I haven't deleted the three comments in my spam box...just marked them as "not spam" then they subsequently appeared on my blog.

    Oh how irritating to have deleted your comments....Oh well don't worry too much about won't do it again will you? xx

  6. Could you do me a favour?
    I don't know whether this is Blogger's latest trick but my last post doesn't seem to be showing up...could you take a look and tell me if you can see the one after 'bugger blogger'?

  7. It's showing on your blog but not on my Reading List on my other words you have to click on French Leave to see your blog, rather than clicking on the latest post...if you know what I mean?

  8. Yes, I see exactly what you mean....somehow, you can always explain things in terms that I can understand. I know it's Blogger, not just me.

    Probably revenge for calling the post 'bugger blogger'!

  9. Maybe!! The only thing I would suggest is going to the Blogger Help page and posting a question...I've looked up the page and found you the link so you can go straight there

    (You know how to copy and paste it into your browser at top of page don't you? I know you won't be offended at my asking you that even though you probably do know!)

  10. I only know because you told me how to do it!
    I've just put up the question and had a look at a few previous similar questions...none of which help, so I'll just have to wait and see if anyone turns up with a solution.

  11. Fly: You may be lucky and get a helpful soul but most of the time they are pretty useless and the problem seems to resolve itself in time. I'm just wondering if you clicked on something you shouldn't have when you were accidentally deleting your posts. I only say this because its the sort of thing I do then kick myself when I can't resolve it.

    I'm a bit pissed off this morning because I installed a different antivirus thingy last night and during the process it asked me if I wanted Google Chrome. I clicked yes but its awful..don't like the page layout. Also I used to be able to click on my mailbox straight from my Live Messenger page but suddenly I couldn't. I uninstalled Google Chrome, but still can't click on my mailbox..aaaargh...again!

  12. I'm on blogger too. I'll have to check for spam box, so far no nice comments have found their way there, but you never know.

  13. gaelikaa...I really think Blogger should concentrate on resolving all the outstanding issues instead of introducing new facilities such as this spam box!


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