Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wide awake

It's just after 3 am and I can't sleep.  .

I tried to go to sleep around 11pm but couldn't manage it.  So I worked my way through my Insomniac's Checklist and settled for No.9...moving the furniture in the bedroom.  Very satisfying...but did little to induce sleep.

I've done some ironing and had a cup of coffee, and have now resigned myself to the fact that I will be awake for the rest of the night.

In any case I can hear a puppy crying somewhere near here, which is worrying me and will certainly prevent me from sleeping.  I am resisting the urge to go out and search for it...hard though it is...because I really need to toughen up my feelings towards the stray dogs here.  I can't save them all.  I've done my best with a fair number over the years, but enough's enough. 

There's still no sight or sound of the Ramazan drummer, but lights are now going on in some houses in the village.  Those people who are fasting will be getting up around this time to make sure they eat before the early morning call to prayer from the mosque.

Mr Ayak was hoping to get home late last night but he has a problem with the motorbike and can't afford to a) get it fixed or b) risk the journey in case it breaks down.  I think this is the reason why I can't sleep.  We still haven't had chance to talk about things.  There just never seems to be a suitable opportunity.  I  have so much stuff running around in my brain at the moment.

I may go over to the hotel in the morning, but in a way I'm reluctant, because it isn't the best place to be to have a chat with Mr A...and then I'll come away feeling disappointed. 

Well....I spoke too soon!  As I'm writing this I can now hear the drummer making his way up the hill.  I guess I must have slept through it for the last couple of nights.  And now all the dogs in the vicinity are barking, including Beki and no chance of any sleep now!


  1. I never have trouble going to's STAYING asleep that has become my problem!

  2. Oh yes...once awake, cannot find sleep again...thus blogging, I think!

  3. Sorry you are having insomnia! If I drink coffee, it keeps me up for hours! If I'm hot, I get up and go take a cool shower and sometimes then I can go to sleep. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind. That kind of stuff keeps me awake at times also. Hope everything resolves peacefully.

  4. Charlotte Ann: Yes that happens to me too. I can suddenly wake up from a deep sleep for no apparent reason.

    Fly: Blogging is great for the insomniac isn't it?

    Stickhorsecowgirl: I avoid coffee in the evenings for the same reason. I only had one earlier this morning when I absolutely knew I wouldn't get any sleep. Having a lot on your mind is just the worst thing...not being able to shut it down.

  5. Spain has a big problem with stray dogs too, and lots of british folk end up with quite a few. I've sort of got used to seeing really skinny ones roaming the lanes, the sort who run a mile when they see a person. You can't save them all!

  6. Jan: As you sort of get used to it...but not entirely. It still upsets me to see and hear them. I do my best. I've rescued a fair number over the years. I put water and scraps out by the bins for the strays...but like you say you can't save them all.


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