Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"Big" people should pay higher bus fares!

Now I don't want anyone to think that I am prejudiced against big or fat people.  Of course I'm not. I've been pretty fat myself on occasions.  We all come in different shapes and sizes.

It's just that I always seem to get the fattest person on the bus sitting next to me.  It's almost as if I have a sign on my head saying "Sit next to me...I don't mind being squashed".

My journey on the Bodrum to Milas bus today left me battered and bruised because an enormous lady chose to sit next to me.  There is room for two people, but she not only took up her seat but half of my space too, leaving me with half a seat, and squashed up against the window, hardly able to draw breath...for 50 minutes!  As if that wasn't bad enough, she spent the entire journey rummaging in her handbag which meant that I was repeatedly jabbed in my shoulder by her elbow.

So I'm actually serious when I say that people taking up more than one seat on a bus should pay more.....and those of us taking up half a seat should either pay less...or at least be able to claim for injuries sustained.

Oh...and the seat was immediately behind the driver who had a rotten stinking cold...coughing, sneezing and spluttering his germs all the way there.   So no doubt I'll get a cold to go with the bruises.

Not one of my best bus trips.


  1. I always seem to get the ones who want not only to recline in their seats but also to throw themselves about as if it's a bouncy castle

  2. Omg Ayak start eating loads of fruit to fend off the cold lol, maybe it would have been more comfy just to sit on her lap hehehehe xx

  3. Fly: I'm usually very tolerant of my fellow bus passengers, after all a lot of the women are very large and a lot of the villagers smell quite bad. I just hated being squashed and beaten today!

    Bomb: Now why didn't I think of that..I'm sure it would have been more comfortable.

  4. Ayak - I'm with you! I also have the tubby folk sitting/squashing me. There should be a law - just like the airlines - if you can't fit comfortably into a seat you have to pay for two. It's only fair. - I've had a devil of a time posting comments on your site again. I finally remembered to go to explorer instead of firefox to post!

  5. 'Cross the Pond: I'm relieved that I'm not the only one. In fact I almost deleted this post because I thought people might think I was being nasty about overweight people. But your comment about airline seats should apply to all forms of public transport I think.
    I've also had trouble posting on some other blogs..your's included..I think there may be a general Blogger problem at the moment.

  6. You are right!
    Especially in planes and long haul coach trips.
    Also it should be compulsory to take off ruck sacks as I am fed up of being struck in the face whenever They turn round with one on their back.
    And what about teen agers that sit in a front seat sprawled out while pensioners and disabled stand. What has happened to politeness & respect?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Personally, I favour a stout, liftable arm rest between the two seats to mark alloted space. That would deal with very large people, men who spread their legs wide open, sprawlers and people with too many bags. If they can't fit into their alloted space without imposing (literally ) on their neighbours, then yes, they should pay more. Or we should get a discount!

  8. OMG, it's always adding insult to injury, when one thing is wrong, something else does as well. Between the fat woman and the bloke with the cold, you didn't half suffer that time Ayak.

    Seriously, though! You'll find a sense of humour will see you through these situations if nothing else will. LOL

  9. On my list is the perpetually crying baby. It seems like whenever I am on a long-haul bus or plane trip there is a crying baby and generally with a parent that looks around with this, "I have to LIVE with it!" expression.

    One time I was on a bus and the child in front of me was the most horrible undisciplined brat you could possibly imagine. The mother put on her headphones and went to sleep. She obviously was used to it. He would scream and throw things and attempt to pull down the curtain, shout rude remarks at the service guy. (He went from that typical Turkish cooing over the boy to shock and revulsion in about 11 seconds)
    My friend beside me was totally unfazed and demonstrated to the child (by pantomime) how to remove his mother's foam rubber covers MP3 player earplugs and toss them as far as he could manage. Only then, when she had to endure his screaming and shouting did she finally try to keep him quiet. It was being on a bus with demon-child.

  10. Maggie: Oh yes...rucksacks...people are so clumsy with them. I have to say that people are good mannered here when they travel. Men and youngsters always give up their seats for the elderly or women.

    Pueblo girl: Yes an armrest like airline seats would be a good idea!

    gaelikaa: It's OK I'm still smiling :-))

    Nomad: OMG I forgot about crying babies and small children jumping about...oh and the kids that kick the back of your seat..that really gets to me. Of course it's not the fault of the kids is it? The parents should take a little more responsibility.

  11. The arm rest is a good idea and then folk wouldn't be able to squash you. Start eating loads of garlic against those cold germs... NOW!

  12. Jan: I already eat loads of I should be OK!

  13. The other day I went to Foca with a friend and coming back by bus, there was a woman on the phone, discussing how she thought her brother-in law's estate should be divided up. Under normal circumstances, this would have been a private matter but the woman insisted on shouting into the telephone and allowing those interested- or not- to hear every detail of her schemes. This went on for.. nearly AN HOUR! And no amount of blistering angry looks made any difference to her. She simply looked back over her glasses and started afresh.

  14. Nomad: It actually amazes me how many Turks are happy to loudly discuss their personal business in front of other people.

    Have you also noticed how nosy they are about other peoples' personal affairs? And how they will always ask you how much you earn, how much you paid for your furniture/car/carpets etc etc?

  15. OO0-stenay Vazee fay DEh ill.

    I have used this phrase on certain occasions and am always somewhat amused by the shocked expression on the offending Turks face. "It's none of your business" should, it must be noted,be said with a friendly smile and a wink and it is usually pretty effective in keeping the noses OUT!

  16. Nomad: Yes you're so is possible to be a little insulting as long as you smile at the same time!


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