Saturday, 25 September 2010

Catching Up

I've taken a much needed day off today.  Mr A and I have been setting off  to the hamam each morning around 7.30am and not arriving home much before 8 or 9pm in the evening.

I am so tired.  Stress over the past few months has caused me to lose my appetite and an excessive amount of weight along with it, and I haven't been sleeping at all well.

We don't have many customers at the moment, but have been determined to stick it out to the bitter end.  In any case the hotel closes around the first week of October. so that will be that.

We continue to experience problems...such as flooding out the house on Tuesday...and I have come to the conclusion that all these things are sent to try us, and to make us stronger.  I just accept them as part of this strange way of life that I have lived for the past 12 plus years.

The very old car which we bought last week...which was a heap of junk...spent more time in a workshop being repaired than it did on the road.  Eventually Mr A took it back to the seller, demanded his money back plus the money he had spent on repairs.  Of course the guy didn't want to pay, but a few threats from Mr A and he handed over the money.  The car we had originally intended to buy, which someone else got to first, came back on the market again.  Apparently he had to return it because he couldn't raise all the cash.  So we paid the deposit as originally agreed, and the rest will be paid by instalments (fingers crossed we actually manage to earn money to pay!).

It's also a very old car but not as bad as the first one....not quite as much rust!  It was fine the first day.  The second day we drove the 5km  from the village to the main road...and it just stopped...dead.  Mr A phoned a mechanic friend in the village who has a workshop in Milas.  Fortunately he was just about to leave home for work and 10 minutes later he pulled up beside us.  He got the car started and we followed him into Milas.  It stopped twice on the way and had to be re-started but we finally got there.  I've no idea what the problem was but the car had to stay in the workshop all day so we had to get the bus to work.  It was collected in the evening and cost us 275 lira...which Mr A intends to cut from the rest of the money owed.

A friend of Mr A's bought a new CD player for his car so gave Mr A his old one.  When we left work yesterday, we called in at a workshop owned by another friend who promised to fit it in the car for us.   A 10 minute job...apparently!   Well I am of course familiar by now with "Turkish time" an hour and a half later it was installed...and it took 5 men to do it!  When we collected this car on the day we bought it, we had to take it to a car wash because it was filthy.  A 20 minute job says Mr A.  It took 2 hours.  Like I said...this is Turkish time...and I'm frankly getting a little fed up with sitting around waiting when I have so much to do at home.

We set off for home...were just outside Bodrum...on a hill...and the car ran out of gas.  It runs on LPG but also has a petrol tank.  Of course, typical of our luck, the petrol tank was also empty.  I stayed in the car while Mr A walked to the nearest garage to get some petrol.   An hour later we got going again.

The sitting room has taken longer to dry out than we anticipated.  But we need to put everything back tonight as the in-laws will arrive tomorrow.  So today I've been at home, wading through mountains of washing and ironing and cleaning every other part of the house other than the sitting room, which Mr A will sort out when he gets home tonight...that is if he hasn't been delayed by another unforeseen problem!

I have had some time to relax today though and catch up on reading all your blogs....and the dogs have been pleased to have me around.

Overall this past couple of weeks working with Mr A has done a great deal to improve our relationship, and we know for certain now that we will not be spending so much time apart in the future.  It's been an exhausting time but well worth it.

Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. I'm amazed at your strength and stamina. You are to be admired for your patience as well!

  2. I'm amazed at your strength and stamina. You are to be admired for your patience as well!

  3. oh..darn..sorry about the doube post.The first time I submitted my comment, it was rejected..or at least that's what it led me to believe!

  4. Oh don't worry Charlotte problem!

    I have to own up to the patience wearing a bit thin now!

  5. I hope FIL behaves himself this time...or goes to help Mr. Ayak at the hotel.

    You need a bit of peace and quiet.

  6. Fly: I plan to carry on going to the hotel every day and leaving FIL at home...the best way to get some peace and quiet I think!

  7. when my hubby is away a lot we don't get on as well. it is not good for a relationship. I think leaving FIL at home is a good plan. I always plan my time away from MIL when she stays!

  8. when my hubby is away a lot we don't get on as well. it is not good for a relationship. I think leaving FIL at home is a good plan. I always plan my time away from MIL when she stays!

  9. Hi Ayak - I'm finally able to comment on your blog again - hooray. I'm still in awe of your strength. You're fabulous and I wish you only the best. Stay strong. Keep calm and write a blog!

  10. kelloggsville: No it's not good. I absolutely agree. And I do what I can to avoid FİL whenever possible!

    'Cross the Pond. Glad you are able to comment again....and thanks xx

  11. It sounds like the two of you make quite a great team, epecially when life is tossing all of these hurdles and challenges your way.

  12. Mr H: S We don't always recognise the fact that we are a good team until circumstances force us to work far so good!


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