Saturday, 18 September 2010


Who is Dave?  He is an important part of Billy's life.  He is his best friend.  Billy takes him to bed with him and out in the buggy.  He even went on holiday to Ibiza with him recently.

He is of course Billy's favourite cuddly animal...a monkey.  All children have one don't they?  My son's was a blue rabbit called Bunny (not terribly original) and my daughter's was a bear called Bertie.  I remember them being kept for years until they were absolutely threadbare and I had to make clothes for them.

 Dave seems to have developed a life all of his own...thanks to Billy's mum and Billy's dad's family, and I am finding all the comments about Dave and his antics on Facebook very amusing.  Here are some photos of Dave:
In the hotel in Ibiza with Billy
Getting a taste for the beer in Ibiza
The cocktails are pretty good too!

The following little story was posted with the accompanying photo of Dave on Facebook today:
 Known simply as 'Dave' this talented young monkey has been creating quite a stir as he tours Europe with a collection of songs based on his recent hedonsitic retreat to Ibiza.His manager Billy McCabe says he thinks Daves new single 'Beaches, chicks and cocktails' could well head straight to number one this Sunday....


  1. Don't show him to Ryanair...they'll be charging him for a seat!

  2. Think Dave tried to pull me in a bar one night ;0)

  3. Dave is cute but not as cute as Billy!

    My son had a chimp called Jacko and my daughter had a strange furry white doll with a plastic face that she loved. Don't think it had a name. When its face was cracked & broken...... I bought her a brand new blue one, but she never gave it a second glance.
    I still have my threadbare teddy that is older than me!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Fly: How right you are! haha!

    Bomb: Oh he just looks cute..he's trouble really!

    Kelloggsville: I'm not surprised...he can't be trusted out on his own.

    Maggie: It's impossible to replace that special cuddlt toy with a new one isn't it?

    I know a number of people in our age group who still have their difficult to part with them.

  5. Carrie is attached to the one she is mothering at the time. She loves the monkey, and her big sisters' bear that she used to carry and you can see her carrying one of the other of them around. Billy is ADORABLE!

  6. OMG....I actually got to post a comment this time! I'm so spinning in circles with joy at this. Just in case I never get to post a comment, I just want you to know I DO enjoy your posts and am a faithful reader...though I think I have been slacking in everything lately.

  7. Charlotte Ann: Glad to see you back here! xx


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