Monday, 20 September 2010

Keep smiling!!

Well...I've been having a rather difficult time just lately...which is a bit of an understatement.   I was about to write a cheerful blog post about how things seem to be improving.  But I have just arrived home to another disaster.

This past week I have been travelling over to work with Mr A and we have been running the business together.  For a few days we have had a young boy called Turan helping us, and we have had a steady flow of customers.  Not a lot...but enough to keep us ticking over until the season ends.

Mr A and I have been apart for far too long and it takes its toll.  We have enjoyed the past few days working together, and we now wish I had decided to be more involved from the outset.

We bought the old car this week which has been taking us to and from work without problem...except for this morning when the brakes failed.  We drove at a snail's pace into Milas very early this morning, using the handbrake to stop,  and got the brakes fixed and set off to work.

As usual before leaving home this morning we had a water cut.  Not a problem as we have plenty of showers at work.

So after about 13 hours out of the house today, we have just arrived home to find the  house flooded.  I had left the kitchen tap on this morning when there was no water...the washing up bowl in the sink...preventing the water from flowing away.  So its been running all day.  The kitchen floor is laminated...the trim has come away from the walls and the walls are damp up to about a metre.  There is of course water under the laminate flooring, so it will probably have to come up and be relaid.

The sitting room has a fitted thin carpet with two large Turkish carpets on top...all absolutely sodden.  The furniture is also wet up to about half a metre. The fitted carpet is completely ruined,  but the rugs will dry out of course.  Once that happens we will just have to make do with them placed directly on the concrete floor.

I've had a rotten cold since yesterday and I am very tired.  I am not feeling my best at this point in time.  Naturally when I stepped into the house I burst into tears.  Mr A has just taken over...he has steered me off to bed with the laptop, saying he will sort it out....well he'll sort as much as is possible.  He has taken up the rugs and the fitted carpet, and is dragging furniture out onto the balcony.

And I'm sitting on the bed writing this....trying desperately to keep smiling!


  1. Oh, Ayak!
    You poor thing!
    Thank goodness you weren't on your own!

  2. Oh Ayak ..... am sending u those darn hugs again xx

  3. Gosh, Ayak... I really wish that I could write something that would ease your burden, but somehow it always seems to work the other way around: it's YOU that makes our lives better. You, sitting on your bed, smiling desperately in the middle of disaster, have somehow made me smile along with you... God bless - and rescue your house and your furniture, while he's at it.

  4. *shakes fist at sky* Give the girl a break, one woman can only take so much.

    Sending big hugs and virtual mop and bucket your way xxxx

  5. Almost everybody I know (including me) has done this once. Luckily I was home at the time and woke up to a pond-instead of a lake. Maybe reading this will make you feel better.

    Have you checked your Karma stats lately? Whenever something shitty happens like this (this is definitely in that category) you have to tell yourself, wow, what a wonderfully amusing story this will be.. in about 5 years.


    or ten.

  6. Thanks everyone xxxx

    Nomad can't get the link at the moment. The internet connection at the hotel is crap. I'll check it later. I'm sure it will make me feel better. xx

  7. Jan: Not always (he is a man after all!) but he has his moments :-)

  8. Oh Ayak, I'm reading these backwards and I'm really glad that I know that life gets better in a couple of days! Big hug. x

  9. Rosie: couldn't have got much worse (although I'm sure I've said that before!)


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