Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Beautiful Daughter

It's my Beautiful Daughter's 28th Birthday today. 

No doubt I will embarrass her by posting some photos, but here she is enjoying easter eggs...she was about the same age as Billy  is now (can you see the likeness?)

On her wedding day in July 2007:

And here she is with Billy last November:

She is such a special young woman. I am immensely proud of her and I love her more than I can ever express in words.

Happy Birthday my Darling Daughter xxxxx


  1. Thanks mum, you made me cry!Love you xxxxx

  2. You are so welcome darling. I didn't intend to make you cry!

    Have a lovely day with your boys...wish I could be there too.

    Love you lots xxx

  3. Lucky you, lucky daughter, lucky Billy!

    Isn't it great that you're so proud of her!

  4. Happy Birthday to S. She really is a stunner, Ayak - looks just like you.


  5. Thankyou FF. I don't think she looks a lot like me but I agree she is a stunner xxx

  6. No wonder you are proud of her. She is lovely and I wish her a Happy Birthday.
    She was very like my daughter, as a child.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. What a lovely post! She's is beautiful and Billy is adorable. You're very lucky Ayak!

  8. Maggie, 'Cross the Pond and Jan: Thankyou xxx

  9. She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!


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