Sunday, 12 September 2010

Posting Videos...Part 2

Thanks to my dear friend MelRoXx I think I am now able to post a video here.

Please bear with me my blogger friends.  Most of you by now will know that I am a complete pc numpty and it takes me ages to accomplish something new.  Mr friend Fly in the Web knows exactly what I mean, because she has similar problems.  I will attempt to put a video on here now.

Elephant baby joy in Melbourne zoo
Uploaded by itnquirky. - Watch the latest news videos.


  1. For some reason I can't copy and paste Mel's instructions onto my blog (another problem to resolve!) so I will try and copy them here in this comment:

    "To put a video on your blog you go to youtube, search for the video and click on the video which you were searching for. then, scroll down to the place with the number of views on it ( thats right under the video), and you'll see a button with < embed > in it under the part with the number of views written on it. click on and a box will appear with the html code in it. do the editing (hight, width and border color of the video) and copy the code.

    Go to blogger, new post, do the writing part, then click on the 'Edit HTML button beside the 'Compose button on top of the part where you write the post. now the HTML part will appear . YOu paste the code you copied from youtube on top or on the end of the post, or between paragraphs or wherever you want, then go back to the compose part. it ought to appear!

    Then, post the blog post as usual"

  2. copy and paste instruction sin the same way. Go to the 'edit html' tab and then paste the text then return to the composer

  3. copy and paste instruction sin the same way. Go to the 'edit html' tab and then paste the text then return to the composer

  4. Ayak, thanks! Now I know where I went wrong!
    Watch out world.....or my little world anyway...I shall be having a go.

    How is it that I can understand your instructions while the stuff that comes up on the screen is like an unknown language to me?

  5. Kelloggsville: Ahhh! Now I get it! Thanks very much xx

    Fly: It's just the same for might as well be Chinese. And now dear Mel has managed to explain it in words that I...and you...can understand.

    Big thankyou to Mel xxxx

  6. Thanks Ayak! I'm glad I could help you... If I knew you were going to put my instructions on to your blog, I surely would have pain attention to my missing fullstops, capital letter in-the-wrong-place and the other way around! lol And thanks again for the mention!

    What a cute video that was ! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Mel: Oh don't worry about the punctuation...I don't. You made it very easy to understand for both Fly and I...and we are very grateful xxx

  8. I've never had any luck changing the embedding codes so you did well to resize the vid for your blog. I thought Blogger used the default embed codes that were in Youtube.

    Anyway it is always a delight to see baby animals so thanks for this

  9. FF: I didn't actually do anything about re-sizing...thats the only bit I didn't understand...I just copied and pasted the code as it the size is more by luck than judgment I guess. Unless Blogger actually automatically re-sizes? Is that possible do you think?

    The video is lovely isn't it? I love elephants

  10. Windows Live Writer is a free program which - now that they have finally solved their problems with picture storage- is much easier to use and gives a lot of flexibility on how you wish to lay your vids out. As far as pics go, you can drop them into your draft and easily re-sized them and then quickly preview them before you publish.
    When I had to go back to blogger's default editor (even the newer version) I was getting cross-eyed and foaming at the mouth in anger.

    Congrats to you! Can't wait to see some videos of THE KID!

  11. Thanks Nomad. Now you come to mention it, I would love to post up some videos of Billy but don't know how to do this. My daughter has posted some on Facebook, uploaded from her mobile phone, but I don't know how to get them over here.

  12. I enjoyed the elephant video...... though I know you sent it as a practise piece! Sorry that I am no help with technical stuff. I will look at the advice others have sent you & maybe I will learn something.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  13. Maggie the video was one I really wanted to post anyway..yes it is lovely isn't it?
    I'm useless at all this techy stuff but have learned an awful lot from others since I started blogging.


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