Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Returning (or Walking Away Part 2)

Mr Ayak had lots of phone calls on Sunday.  He spent most of the day either on the phone or the internet.  His mood fluctuated between depressed and animated. 

It would seem that Mehmet, having taken control of the business, was, after just 24 hours, finding it difficult!
A lot of the phone calls were from Mehmet...which seemed to make Mr A pretty depressed.  However, other phone calls and chats on the internet, resulted in his mood being a lot brighter.  Mr A has some other ideas for what to do next...but they are all pretty vague at the moment.

I'm almost at a loss for words, because yesterday Mr Ayak returned to the Hamam and took control again.  He says there are bills to be paid, and personnel to be paid, and Mehmet can't cope.  Mr Ayak's conscience won't allow him to leave it in such a mess.  It doesn't matter that I think Mr Ayak has made the wrong decision in going back.  He's a man...and a Turkish one at that...and he will just do as he wants.  Don't they always?

I popped over there today.  I can't really assess his mood to be honest.  I don't know if he is going to be able to cope with this.  He's giving a good impression of coping but I'm not so sure.

I don't really know what else to say...other than watch this space.


  1. You certainly seem to be getting your fair share of worries and I am really sorry for that.
    Hope something else comes along or someone else who will take over from Mr A.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Gosh - there are more twists and turns than a soap opera. Sending you a pound of strength, a pinch of patience and a cup of hope xx

  3. Maggie...You have to keep hoping for the best. If you give up hope then there's no point really is there? Thankyou xx

    Kelloggsville: Thankyou xxx

  4. Men! Turkish or otherwise!
    It has to be genetic....
    I suppose that I can see why he did shirking responsibilities for Mr. Ayak....but how exasperating for you!

  5. Fly: Exasperating most definitely. But I know when to take a step back and let him get on with it!

  6. Thanks for the help on the FF site...think I've done that...but now Blogger doesn't want me to access it or anything else direct so i have to go to 'manage'.
    If only I could 'manage'...
    I think it bears a grudge for the comments I made about it.

  7. You're welcome Fly. If it's any consolation I'm having a few Blogger problems too at the moment...probably also holds a grudge against me for sending my followers over to their page to complain about not being able to post comments!

  8. Patience patience, heaven send me patience.

    We have a family story which derives from me and my 3 brothers washing up in our tiny kitchen when we were teenagers - bearing in mind that at 6 ft I am the smallest. Mum says in an exasperated voice 'Patience, patience, heaven send me patience' and middle brother jumps daintily (6ft 4ins and broad) into the kitchen doing his impression of a fairy saying 'hello I'm Patience'. Guess you had to be there :-) but it makes me smile every time.

  9. Rosie I've got a good imagination so I can just picture it...very funny!

  10. Goodness what a series of ups and downs! Re your comment about the brown doors. No, not metal, they're the old wooden ones and quite woodwormed in parts, but now treated and painted. We can't paint them white on the outside (they have to be brown) because we're in the old part of the village so, rather than have them different each side, I said I wanted them brown in and out.

  11. Jan: It just seemed funny to me that this exact shade of brown is to be found everywhere..I thought it was just a colour popular in Turkish villages!

  12. Dont know what made me think I had left a comment on here but obviously I havent ...... just wanted to say thinking of you and sending you the ususal lololol xx

  13. Oh blimey, men, eh? You're doing just the right thing though - if you tried to stop him doing what he is doing it would just go a bit pear-shaped I reckon.

    As for Fly having problems - I'm having so many Blogger problems atm. I can always catch up with her on here or by mail so Fly (if you're there) don't worry :)

    Hang on in there, L.

  14. Bomb: Thankyou xx

    FF: Yes absolutely right...most men just need to do what they think they need to do without interference. It's called learning the hard way.


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