Friday, 22 October 2010

The Age of Celebrity

It's what life is all about these days isn't it?  Aiming to be be a celebrity.  It's the big dream of the young.  No driving ambition to do well at school or university (if you are actually able to afford a place!).  No desire to become a doctor, or teacher, or any worthwhile job that might enable you to change or improve peoples' lives.

Just look at shows like the X Factor, where for months on end, thousands upon thousands of people join massive queues, for a chance to audition and hopefully get a place on the show.  When they get there, and are interviewed, they all repeat the same mantra.  "It's my dream, it's all I ever wanted".  And they are devastated when they don't make it through to the finals.  Although even those that go on to win, are often never heard of again.

And take Big Brother...oh thank goodness that's finished now.  It had certainly well over-run it's course.  Ordinary people, sitting around, and doing nothing, in a house full of cameras, for weeks and weeks...just for the chance to become a "celebrity". 

What about Katie Price (formerly known as Jordan) here is someone who has turned "celebrity" into an art form.  You have to admire the woman for managing to make a career out of doing...well what is it that she does?  Oh yes...she has cameras following her and then it's called a TV programme.  She is surely the queen of celebrities.

The public seem to thrive on their daily dose of celebrity news.  Don't worry about inflation, wars, famine or whatever else is going on in the long as we have someone like Cheryl Cole on the front page then we're happy.

And talking of Cheryl Cole, brings me to the fickleness of Joe or Jane Public.   Let's build these celebrities up...put them on a pedestal..just so we can enjoy knocking them off. 

What prompted me to write this post was reading the latest "news" report on Cheryl Cole...but mostly I was intrigued by the comments on the article in question.  It's hard to understand what makes people so hateful.   They make the nastiest comments about someone they don't know...have never met.  Why motivates them to show such vitriol?  I think it's simply jealousy.   It's what so many aspire to, but know they will never achieve.  So instead of saying "good luck to him/her"...they show their resentment by posting their comments on newspapers.  Although to be fair, the public are very much encouraged by the sort of stuff written by journalists about celebrities...almost like they are encouraging people to knock them down.

And I posted a photo of Cheryl deliberately because I'm wondering if I am one of the few who actually thinks she's a nice person.  Of course I don't know her, but she comes across as being a nice girl.  And she's proof that celebrity status doesn't necessarily give you the perfect life. 

Maybe it's because I'm older and maybe wiser that I have no feelings of envy or jealousy towards celebrities.  I'll admit to thinking that they shouldn't really earn the huge amounts of money that some of them do when they have little or no talent.  But generally, I just think...good luck to them because they are living in an age where "celebrity" seems more important than anything else so they are just taking advantage of the opportunity.

I'd just like to see more younger people adopt a slightly different attitude though, to strive for more than this need to become famous.  To realise that ambition in other areas, and hard work will bring their own, more worthwhile, rewards.


  1. I suppose part of the problem is that they see hard working people just being taken advantage of by the wide boys and self publicity experts who furnish the upper echelons of our society...
    Kids aren't stupid.

    But how I agree with you that they should be shown how rewarding it is to achieve something for yourself..and how good you feel if you can do something for a practical sphere.

    I'm not jealous of 'celebrities' either...just a bit sad that this is all that our society can present in its showcase.

  2. I know what you mean. I think some of these dreams are so shallow. They aren't about the true meaning of life at all.
    Hoping my grandchildren will fix their eyes on something more worthwhile.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Fly: No kids aren't stupid but they are of the generation who see celebrities, who are just ordinary people like them, getting everything for doing very little.

    I can't even remember when this celebrity obsession started can you?

  4. Maggie: I too hope that the obsession will have worn itself out by the time our grandchildren are old enough to start making decisions about the rest of their lives.

  5. No,I've been thinking hard, but I can't put a date on it.

    Perhaps it might help if schools taught them basic skills instead of inviting them to write 'poetry' before they've had any experiences to feed the muse.

  6. Ah yes Fly...the basic skills...whatever happened to those!

  7. Ah, but if the young admirers really understood that behind the glitter, glamour, fame, and fortune often resides a person who struggles even more than the rest of us to achieve any semblance of true happiness perhaps they would not wish such a life.

    Mr. Ayak being home after making a big sale, my wife baking a pie, our little dogs and their silly antics...those are the real know.:)

    That said, I can and do appreciate the effort that many of these actors and actresses that are considered celebrities put into the movies they make and the charities they work with...bravo to them for making lots of money and entertaining us in the process. I watched the best movie the other day, it was called "Pay it Forward." If you ever get a chance to see it let me know what you think.

  8. I totally agree! I have been trying to push my children into aiming for the stars, but not through fame.

  9. Mr H: Of course good actors and actresses are celebrities too, but at least they have talent. I don't understand how this obsession with celebrity came about really.

    I'll look out for that film xx

    likeschocolate: You can only hope! xx


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