Sunday, 31 October 2010

At last...common sense prevails!

At last the Turkish Government have seen sense and lifted the ban on Youtube. 

read about it here

(The article says the ban was for 2 years, but I'm pretty certain it's been much longer than that)


  1. This is good news for the people of Turkey. I wonder what happened to the tax issue that was also used as an excuse. The article doesn't mention this and neither does the statement by the minister. Like so many stories, one is always left to wonder what REALLY happened behind the closed doors.
    Still, this is one baby step forward. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well of course we never hear the full story Nomad...or the true we? But as you say it is a step forward.

  3. How great is that, I think you will enjoy browsing through youtube.:)

  4. I think it would be wrong to say common sense has prevailed here. The truth of the matter is that the Turkish government did absolutely nothing and the lack of common sense remains. The videos in question have been removed by an, at this point, unknown third party.

    The truth remains that the government would not have acted if this had not been done, so we're essentially in the same place we've always been and, with recent comments coming out by politicians on the uses of the Internet, it looks like we're in for even stricter regulations and more government bans.

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  6. Mr H: And I have most of today!

    Maggie: Good news for the time being!

    Nick: Hi. You're absolutely right of course. I'm afraid I just got caught up with the excitement of actually being able to access Youtube today, without thinking about all this more carefully.
    I guess we have to make the most of what we do have for as long as it lasts!

  7. You are going to have some fun. Enjoy your trip to England!

  8. likeschocolate: Thankyou xx


    A Turkish court ordered that access to Google Inc.’s YouTube website be blocked again, days after the site was reopened following a 30-month ban.

    The court in Ankara ordered the closure because the site posted videos showing former opposition leader Deniz Baykal, the state-owned Anatolia news agency reported. Baykal quit as leader of the Republican People’s Party in May after a video on the internet showed him in a bedroom with a female lawmaker.

    But doesn't this clearly amount to censorship? Did Baykal deny the implication of the video? Did he say it was faked? What a strange country.

  10. Oh for goodness sake. Yes...this is clearly censorship isn't it? Much as I love this country, there are some things about it that just drive me nuts!

    I wonder what Ataturk would have thought had he been around today?

  11. That's a relief. I'm sure you're pleased!

  12. gaelikaa...yes I am for the time being!


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