Monday, 11 October 2010

An Award

I am very happy to have received the above award today from gaelikaa at gaelikaa's diary.   Gaelikaa and I share many similar experiences in our lives...she in India and me in Turkey,  and I consider her now to be a good friend.  Thankyou gaelikaa.

There's nearly always a task connected with an award and this one requires me to list 8 facts about myself so here goes:

1.  I hate the heat...even though I live in a hot climate...when it's hot I stay inside.

2.  I have been married three times.

3.  I'm useless at gardening...always have been...and wish I wasn't.

4.  I'd love to visit China and India.  Their cultures fascinate me.

5.  I believe in being completely open about my depression....and about mental health problems in general.
     We need to get rid of the stigma associated with mental health, and stop treating people with such      
      problems as if they are mad.

6.  I've always been a bit of a control freak and try very hard not to be.

7.  I love Cadbury's chocolate.

8.  I love my daughter and my grandson and miss them terribly.

And I'd like to pass this award on to the following fellow bloggers, who are just a few of the blogs I regularly visit and enjoy:



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  1. Its good to learn a bit more about you!
    I agree with getting rid of those stigmas. Gone in too long.
    Dark chocolate especially!

    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. :0) Thank you

    5, 6 and 7, I am there with you!

  3. Ayak, thank you!
    I do appreciate you giving me an award and I will fulfill the conditions.
    Bit chaotic at the moment...but I'll get there!

  4. Maggie: Milk choc for me...although I'll force myself to eat dark if I have no choice!

    Kelloggsville: You're welcome :-)

    Fly: No rush and no obligation to fulfill conditions...just put on your sidebar if you like xx

  5. hey congo again
    i wud like to add that my mum is also in depression for 7yrs now i can totally undrstnd your situation but you wud have to be strong....

    yes it's a social stigma out here but hopefully we all can make a diiffrence

  6. an d yes i am waiting for ypour arrival in india///

  7. anki: Talking about it...being open about it..will make a difference.

    Would love to come to India...can't see it happening anytime soon though :-((


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