Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day...Water

Today is Blog Action Day 2010  organised by

I have to admit that before moving to Turkey I very much took water for granted.  It was always on was just there...I didn't give it much thought.

I've now had almost 13 years of regular water cuts.  This week in particular the water has been off every day for between 4 and 8 hours.  It's no great hardship really.  I have just adapted to a situation that the Turks have grown up with.  I'm used to it but it has made me very aware of how precious water is, and how the lack of water in other countries can mean the difference between health and sickness....and life and death.

I no longer take water for granted.

Some of my fellow bloggers have posted about water today to raise awareness......and here are some of them which I hope you will find as interesting as I did.

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  1. As you know from my rants on the blog, the pollution of water in France...and the refusal to do anything effective about in my opinion a major scandal, far outweighing the political and financial ones.

    Costa Rica is waking up to the consequences of little or no investment in sewage disposal....once clear rivers are polluted by 'black water' and rubbish and I'm lucky that our little house is on a distribution system straight from the spring on the mountain behind...all piped down so no pollution from cattle of anything else.
    Friends have 'town' water...subject to frequent cuts...and all it tastes of is chlorine.
    Out in the banana growing areas, the water has become so polluted by the chemicals used that the government have to send in water tankers.

  2. Fly: I'll never understand why so many countries are so short-sighted about the issue of pollution,and yes I can understand your disgust at France's apathy.

    So is Costa Rica now taking steps to resolve this problem?

  3. Um...well...sort of....
    At least it's got past the shoulder shrugging phase...there are projects on foot, but, as usual, money is the problem.
    I think people really started stamping their feet this year when a survey declared that about forty percent of local rural water supplies were contaminated with fecal matter.
    As to the banana and pineapple plantations, conditions there are a disgrace both for people and the environment.....owned by Dole and other U.S. owned companies who are using chemicals forbidden in Europe and the U.S.
    They get away with it in large part because most of the workers are immigrants from Nicaragua...too frightened to protest...and Costa Ricans generally don't give a damn about immigrant workers.

  4. While everyone might think American are the greatest mis-users of water, here in the south we have become accustomed to water shortage due to drought. While, I have never been 6 hours without water we try to do our part to save water. Sorry to here again that your husbands business ventures did not work out. I think your husband should feel proud instead of ashmed. He was willing to try something then just sit on his but and say I can't find a job. I hope he finds something soon. I think we all feel like we are waiting for something at times. Someone one told me once though to stop waiting and enjoy the journey because it is much better and you can never get the time back. Will be thinking of you guys.

  5. Fly: Of course money is always the problem..but it will end up costing so much more in the long term if action isn't taken now.
    I'm afraid immigrant workers get a raw deal in a lot of countries (except perhaps the UK!)

    likeschocolate: I think it's perhaps not until you are deprived of water at some point that you then become more aware of how much is wasted and what we can do as individuals to conserve it.

    whoever gave you that piece of advice about waiting was very wise...I should try to do that! And thanks very much for your kind thoughts xx

  6. I completely understand you Ayak for me though it has been the other way round. We used to have water problems in Pakistan but after coming to Calgary I have made sure not to take water for granted because every drop we waste can serve as a drop of drinking water for people in need. This a very noble cause you have chosen to raise awareness of! :)

  7. Yes, we do take water for granted in the UK. Its all that rain...... but the problem is that we can't save it when it does fall. It just runs straight into the sea.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Well, we certainly don't take water for granted out here! (but I know what you mean :-)

  9. Growing up in the tropics we had a well, which meant we needed electricity to pump it. When there was a power cut, or a hurricane, or anything kind of issue we wouldnt' have water. We always had ten gallon jugs filled with water and when we knew a storm was coming we filled more along with the tubs, sinks, jugs, bowls, etc. because you never knew how long we'd be without. The longest was 10 days. That was tough. Now my parents have a generator so it's not an issue but it builds an iron backbone! Sorry for my absence - I've had trouble commenting and was on a little hiatus. But I've been reading! wouldn't miss it!

  10. Kaibee: Yes it is a noble cause..and I'm only one of many bloggers who have brought this topic to the fore.

    Maggie: Yes it always amazes me that with all that rain in the UK there are sometimes still hosepipe bans in the summer!

    Jan: I think we do become more aware when we move to another country.

    'Cross the Pond: Oh 10 days must have been a nightmare. Glad to see you back here...but never feel under pressure to comment...thanks for reading xx


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