Thursday, 21 October 2010

ON MY SOAPBOX DAY! Post No.1 Earthquakes

I get quite annoyed by the complacency and indifference shown by this and previous governments of this country, in doing something to prevent the devastation and loss of life from earthquakes.  Oh they talk about it...a lot...but very little action is taken.

Turkey has earthquakes every day...minor ones that are not even noticed of course...but people are always worried about the next big one.  I've blogged about it before here.

This morning I read this  article in Todays Zaman where the Mayor of Istanbul is  talking about improvements that need to be made to buildings in the city.  They've had  11 years to take action since the big earthquake that saw the loss of 18,000 lives.  But just by reading this article, it's clear to see that no-one is really taking any responsibility.


  1. And they need to do something about building inspection.
    Our Turkish builder tells horror stories about short cuts and the use of inferior materials...but, as he says...not on rich people's places!

  2. Fly: Your builder is absolute spot on there!

  3. Oh, you are wrong Ayak. They are doing somethning. They are building a mass grave in a case an earthquake kills the masses.

    well, i read that in the paper more than a year ago, so they probably have built it already.

  4. jedilost: And that just really says it all doesn't it?


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