Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The effects of bad weather

We are having really nasty weather at the moment.  Gale force winds accompanied by storms and torrential rain.  Strangely though, it's still warm, temperatures in the 70sF.  At the bottom of the hill in the village, the roads are beginning to flood, and the centre of Milas is the same.    The rain shows no sign of letting up so I have a feeling we could be stranded anytime now.

In the early hours of this morning my UK TV website was restored...only in part, as it seems there is still major work to be done.  At the moment they have restored a few of the channels, which is better than nothing, and gradually the others will return.

However, because of the weather my signal is quite weak so the screen keeps freezing.  So much so that it's impossible to watch. 

It rained continually through the night so this morning found me mopping up water that has leaked into the house through the uPVC panels and window frames.  So we now have rolled up towels around every window frame and along the skirting boards under the uPVC panel in the sitting room.  Thank goodness we still have a pile of towels from the hamam business...I'm going to need them!  Mr A and I spoke last week about getting silicone to redo the window frames on the outside...yes we spoke about it and did nothing...and now the rain has beaten us to it.

I was just finishing the mopping up when suddenly there was a flash of lightening...only one...and there have been none since.  But that one flash was enough...yes you've guessed hit my modem AGAİN.   The phone line is also dead.  Unlike the last time this happened, when the modem expoded into thousands of pieces...this time there was just a pop...and all the lights went out except the "power" light.

We phoned my kind friend Mr Keleş at TTNet in Milas, who referred us to a colleague who told us to bring the modem into Milas to be checked.  So off we went, the car wading through water all the way there.  Waiting for us was Mr Umit...also a very helpful man.  He tested the modem and said it was not working, but there was a chance it could be fixed but would have to be sent away.   Mr A used his Delboy charm as usual and persuaded Mr Umit to lend us another modem to use in the meantime.  We then bought a better adaptor, one with short circuit protection, which hopefully will prevent the same thing from happening again.

We've plugged it in, it's working, but now we have no internet connection at all and the telephone is still dead.  We have reported it to Turk Telekom who say they will be out to repair it as soon as possible...aha!  there's that word "soon" again!

So I am now using Mr A's mobile device plugged into my laptop, and I am connected.  However this clever little thing doesn't have enough power or bandwith...or whatever...for me to run my TV website.  So still no TV.  But I am connected to the internet...even though it is very slow...and I'm very grateful for that.  At least I'm not completely cut off from the outside world.

Mr A started selling the mesir macunu products again on Sunday, and it was a reasonably good start.  Yesterday, however, he sold nothing...but the weather was so bad I doubt anyone would venture out of their houses to look at his wares.   Today is even worse, but not to be deterred, he had an idea which he has put to the supplier.  He has offered to talk to shopkeepers in the bigger towns, to see if they are interested in stocking the products.  If they are, he will refer them to the supplier to place an order, and Mr A will get 10% of the cost of the order.  He has to do nothing else other than refer them.  I think this is an excellent idea, and it doesn't clash with Mr A's market as he only sells to villages.  So he has now set off through the floods to Milas again, where he knows of at least 4 or 5 shops that may be interested.

And he has taken his blanket and pillow with him just in case he gets stranded by the flooding and can't get back home!

Meanwhile, I'm still mopping up.  I'm trying to find somewhere that's not damp to dry my washing.  I'm wishing for my phone and internet connection to be restored "soon" but I don't hold out much hope.  I think it's likely to be extremely difficult for the engineers to carry out the work in this awful weather.

Even though this post could be interpreted as Ayak just having another moan about life (which you are all used to by now!) I'm actually quite happy.  Must be the effects of the bad weather!


  1. Yes - all through this post of calamities your positive spirit shone through - let's hope everything is restored to full working order asap.


  2. The weather here is very boring and I only wish something like that would happen here! lol

    I'm glad your UK website restored a few channels, but the signals are a pain :(

  3. The nice thing is that people at Turk Telekom are willing to unlike our dear France Telecom!

  4. FF: I hope so...thanks xx

    Mel: Oh you wouldn't wish for this weather...really!

    Fly: I think that's what kept me cheerful. TT close for lunch and we arrived in the middle of their break. The security guy on the door let us in and Mr Umit had cut short his lunch to meet us...what service!

  5. I was tempted to say that it never rains but it pours, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that! Fingers crossed that "soon" will indeed be.

  6. Haha...I was going to use that as the title Jan, but I think I've used it before!
    Thanks xx

  7. You don't come across as whiney (is that a word?) at all! i'm always impressed by the way you handle castrophies that enter and leave your life. You have my admiration!

  8. Charlotte Ann: Oh not sure I deserve it but thankyou xx

  9. likeschocolate: Yes it did today...and the sun was shining, but more rain is on its way


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