Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hotmail Problems

Is  anyone else experiencing problems with Hotmail at the moment?

I am signed into Windows Live but cannot open my Hotmail Inbox.  I am getting pop-up boxes every time a new email arrives but cannot open my mailbox, either by clicking on the mailbox icon on the top right hand corner, or by any other means.

There was a problem reported by Windows concerning this, but it has since been reported that it has been rectified, so I'm at a loss as to why I can't open my mailbox.  I have tried logging in to Mr A's Windows Live account and  can open his mailbox with no problem.


Update:   I've just been able to open my mailbox so I assume this was definitely a Windows Live problem.

Isn't it frustrating to see pop-ups telling you that you have new emails but you can't actually read them?

Anyway normal service has been resumed (at least for the moment) although I'm aware that there are still some of my followers who aren't able to post comments here.  I'm afraid I've given up complaining to Blogger...they very rarely respond or actually deal with the problems.


  1. can you get your mail by going to directly This will help you determine whether you have a pc issue or an account issue?

  2. Kelloggsville: Yes I tried that plus every other possible way I could think of to get in but no luck. However I've just updated this post to say that I've just managed to get in again. xx

  3. How frustrating!
    When something like that happens I wonder what all these great brains who programme all this think they are up to.
    And as for complaining to Blogger....!

  4. I wasn't able to post on your previous entry - the one about Mr A being on the road. I wish you both the best of luck with this new venture. Fingers and everything crossed.


  5. Fly: Yes you do wonder don't you? Maybe you and I could make a better job of sorting it out haha! I had my hotmail box open for a couple of hours but can't get into it again now...aaargh!

    FF: Thankyou xxx


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