Tuesday, 12 October 2010


"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men."
— Joseph Conrad

Men!  Aren't they just infuriating at times?  They just don't understand women and their emotions...that's for sure.

Mr Ayak is off all over the place trying to sell his wares.  We keep in touch by mobile phone.   I worry about him driving so many miles.  It's an old car...anything could happen.

He set off on Friday morning, with his blanket and pillow, and I have been mapping his progress by phone since. I spoke to him early on Sunday  and he told me the name of the place where he was.  I was a bit concerned because it's so far away.  He's selling but he's using the proceeds to put petrol in the car and he seems to be travelling further and further away.  I don't see the logic in that frankly, but he's a man, he says he knows what he's doing.   Don't they always? (well they think they do).  I think he should be closer to home and not using so much petrol, but he reckons this stuff doesn't sell closer to home.

During the last call on Sunday he said he was in traffic.  I said "call me later when you reach your destination".  He didn't call for hours so I tried ringing him.  This was just before 4pm.  The phone was switched off.  This isn't unusual.  Sometimes there's no signal, sometimes he switches it off when he's driving.  So I left him a message.  Hours later, the phone was still off.  I left another message.  By almost midnight, the phone was still off and I was getting worried.   It was off all night.  If he had had an accident how on earth would I know?  Naturally I couldn't sleep.

Yesterday morning I phoned my FIL.  I explained that it was most unusual for Mr A to do this and if I had been in England I would have been ringing the police or the hospitals by now.  FIL was also concerned.  He phoned around various relatives (some living in roughly the area where Mr A was) and also left a voicemail on Mr A's phone.  He then said leave it a while longer.   Still nothing.  Early afternoon FIL and I spoke again and he said that we should leave it until tomorrow, then he would call the police.

Finally...early evening Mr A popped up on MSN on my laptop.  He was in an internet cafe.  His phone was stolen a little while after I last spoke to him.  I didn't ask him how this happened but I suspect, as usual, he left it in the car with the doors unlocked.  I don't know how many times I've told him not to do this!  He has reported it to the police, but of course there's no chance he'll get it back.  So we'll just have to report it to Turkcell and get the simcard blocked (easier said than done...but that's another story!)

I tried to explain to him how worried I was, and how worried his father was, that we had no way of contacting him for some 26 hours.  And do you know?  He just didn't get it.   He just said "you don't have to worry...I'm not a child, I can take care of myself".   I give up!!

So last night he was attempting to return in the direction of home.  He doesn't have enough money for petrol to get here, but says he will sell stuff on the way. 

When I switched on my laptop this morning, there was a message from him on MSN which he had sent late last night saying he had driven back to Manisa (this is where we bought the stock).  He will attempt to return the existing stock to the factory and get a refund...then make his way home.  And then he will find another job.

So that's the end of his latest adventure.  I had my doubts about it all along but he wouldn't be told.  Goodness knows what his next plan will be.  At this moment I have a mixture of emotions.  I'm exasperated by him...although I shouldn't be because I should be used to this by now.  But most of all I'm just relieved that he is safe.

I know it's going to be like this all always is...trying to find whatever work is going just to survive until the season starts again in April/May.  We'll muddle through as usual.




  1. You said it, but I am glad he is ok.

  2. likeschocolate: Yep..I said it! And as long as he is ok I can put up with most things...I've had almost 13 years of practise!

  3. I would have been worried sick too. Sorry this new business idea isn't going so well. Fingers crossed that the next idea will be the one.

  4. Gifts: Yes of course you's normal. Well the business ideas don't often work but I won't give up hoping that the next one will be the one!

  5. Onwards and upwards............. with all our good wishes and high hopes. Full of admiration for his endeavours.

  6. Thanks Rosie. He doesn't give up trying...I'll give you that!xx

  7. He certainly tries...and when you compare that with the idle layabouts who refuse to take a job...words don't fail me, but they're not suitable for a blog comment!

    Know what you mean about men and communication.
    They seem to have this idea that we go in for telepathy...if they know they're all right, somehow they think that we should know too.

  8. Fly: Oh you are so right...I guess yours is similar!

  9. Men are deffo a different breed Ayak .. wonder what Mr A's next adventure will be lol xx

  10. Oh my mind goes into overdrive sometimes if people are unobtainable on their mobile - I always imagine the worst. I know what it is like and it's not easy. Here's hoping the next adventure will be more lucrative


  11. Glad he is OK but I also have a terrible imagination and would be picturing him on a mortuary slab.

    I am glad he has given up the sales idea. There must be something nearer that he can do. Hope he finds it soon.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Bomb: Yes definitely. He'll think of another adventure I'm sure!

    FF: Sometimes I wish mobiles hadn't been invented. We never used to have the opportunity to worry so much before they were!

    and thanks xx

    Maggie: I have a vivid imagination too...which doesn't help!

    It's not easy to find something nearer home but he will try xx

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  14. Oh Ayak, what you must have been going through, but at least he was ok.

  15. Jan: Yes I was very anxious to say the least...He's learned his lesson...he's on a trip today but has just borrowed a phone to ring me so I can call him back.


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