Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Village in Pictures

I've come across some photos taken by other people in our village and I thought I would share some of these with you.  They are in no particular order, and most were taken during the last couple of years.

To the left..the start of my climb up the hill to my house

The floods in Jan 2010. The white shed is the village milk collection point.

Just entering the village.  The building on the left is the Muhtar's office.

The road at the bottom of my hill. The dolmus in the distance is just in front of the shop and teahouse.

The village infants school

From the right. My neighbour, a friend, my neighbour's daughter and granddaughter

My next door neighbour's house

The secondary school on the outskirts of the village

View from the top of the hill behind our house

Another neighbour taking her cow and donkey for a walk...this is quite close to my house.


  1. Thank you for posting those pictures, Ayak. I am amazed at how much your area resembles the rural areas in Central Portugal - a bit poorer, or at least it looks that way. But it does look like a peaceful place to live.

  2. Hi Astro: It is peaceful definitely. I'm not so sure that it is a particularly poor village. Clearly some people live a very basic existance, but there are quite a few new cars being driven here. One thing I've noticed wherever I live, be it town or village...the Turks don't take much pride in the outside of their homes which I think is a pity, because generally the insides are immaculate and well kept.

  3. It is lovely to see your surroundings in the village.
    What a steep hill to your house.
    You have great views all around you.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Wow, your village is so rural. How far is it to a bigger city?

  5. Maggie: It's just the start of the goes up quite a bit more twisting and turning lanes, getting steeper as it goes. One walk a day up here is all the exercise I need!

    likeschocolate: It's 5km of farming land from the village to the main road. Then Milas is about 8km...then in the other direction is Bodrum..about 45km.

  6. It is lovely..I like the stream through the village and I feel for you with that climb!

    If I want to walk to the town when we are in Costa Rica, it is only three kilometres, all lined by coffee, bananas and tropical flowers....but it is three kilometres nearly vertical!

  7. FF: Oh that's going to be good exercise for you! Do you have a moving date yet by the way. I haven't noticed anything on your blog but maybe I missed you mentioning a date?

  8. Absolutely lovely pictures Ayak, its so nice to se the area in which u live xx

  9. It's lovely to see your surroundings Ayak, it looks very peaceful.

  10. Oh..thank you so much for these views. It's all so strange for me and that's what I like best about it. Why go somewhere that is "just like the place you left". I would have the best of times exploring there. Oh..and where would the Super Walmart be? LOLOL..
    Wasn't this quite a shock for you moving from England to this village in Turkey?

  11. Bomb: Thanks xx

    Jan: Thanks x

    Fly: Oh how exciting!

    Charlotte Ann: Well if I had moved directly from England to this village it would indeed have been a shock but we've only been here for 18 months, and the previous years were spent moving to different areas, towns and tourist resorts, so I've had a while to get used to the country.
    (No Super Walmart here of course LOL)

  12. I liked your pictures, it is always so interesting to see where you live. I just found out that my Mom's sister visited Turkey a few years ago and her daughter even dated a Turkish tour guide for a short time. Just think, if it would have worked out I could have had a Turkish relative.:)

  13. Mr H: Well's a small world isn't it? :-)

  14. Lovely photos, Ayak. Your village is quite modern looking. The housing estate where I live is between two villages and they are very diferent in appearance.

    Ayak, I have an award for you! If you'd care to accept it, this is the link:

  15. How nice to see more pictures of your area - I don't envy you your hill though. I'm lucky now - our local village shops are all on the flat and about ten minutes walk away (of course that does not include the local Tesco which is a short ride away - I love, positively adore Tesco).

    Anyway I digress, I hope that things are a little better for you, Ayak.


  16. gaelikaa: There are more modern buildings amongst the very old.
    Thanks for the award...I'll do this asap.

    FF: Ooh I'd love a Tesco here! In some of the bigger towns and cities we have a chain of supermarkets called Kipa which are owned by Tesco, and you can often find things like electrical goods with the Tesco label. Unfortunately they never seem to stock the sort of Tesco goodies I'd really like!

  17. Waa! I wish I was there! It's been two years since I've been to Turkey and five years since I went in the summer...

  18. Deniz it's strange how Turkey has really become home to me. Of course I love my trips to England to see my family and I miss my daughter and grandson tremendously, but after a few days I find myself longing to be back home again.


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