Monday, 25 October 2010

One Large Chicken

As usual, now we are heading towards winter (although the weather is still so warm I haven't yet sorted out my winter clothes), we are short of money so I am economising on food.

I give myself a kind of challenge when it comes to chicken.  It's the only meat I buy these days, and every time I have a whole chicken I try to see how many meals I can make from it.

Yesterday, I roasted the chicken in the oven and we had a leg each with roast potatoes, roasted carrots, green beans and gravy (made with the last of my Bisto until I buy some more in England next month).

Today I prepared some more meals for the next few days.  I made a sauce from chopped onions, peppers, chopped cooked chicken, some salça (tomato paste) and a stock cube, mixed it with some dried pasta and baked in the oven, adding some grated cheese for the last 10 minutes.

I made my favourite fajita-type mix which I wrote about here: Ideas for cooked chicken and this will be re-heated tomorrow and used as a filling for jacket potatoes.

Surprisingly I still have most of the two chicken breasts left, which I have yet to decide how to use...I'm pretty sure I can pad them out with vegetables and make two more meals...probably a curry and maybe some cold chopped chicken in a salad with green beans and olive oil.

I then boiled up the bones to make stock, and this I used to make a huge pot of mercimek (lentil) soup.

The dogs had the bones with their absolutely nothing is wasted.

So by my reckoning that's 6 meals for the two of us...and one for the dogs...can anyone else beat that?


Today I also looked in my fridge and found just one egg, and about 150g margarine, and of course I have all the usual things like flour, sugar and baking powder in the cupboard so I decided to make some of my  easy muffins.   I used a mixture of raspberry and strawberry jam for flavour and found a handful of sultanas in the cupboard and threw them in.  This is just the easiest muffin recipe I've ever used, and very adaptable.   I am thinking about using some of my fig jam next time with chopped walnuts.   I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with other suggestions for let me know.


  1. That is well past amazing and very creative how you can manage to make so many meals from one chicken.

    I am seriously impressed!

  2. gifts: Actually I impressed myself this time. This is the most I have managed with one chicken so far. I'll see if I can beat my record next time :-)

  3. Those meals sound absolutely fantastic! Well done for thinking of a chicken to make the meat go.
    The muffins sounded yummy too.
    Sometimes I seem to make a meal out of nothing. I'm sure you are good at that too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Maggie: Yes that's true. I often find that the less I have in the way of ingredients, the more imaginative I am!

  5. I'm 4 off a roast chicken. Sunday Roast, Monday fajitas, Tuesday stir fry, Wednesday curry!

    I thought you were going down the pancake route with the egg - although why would you have mentioned marg!! - you surprised me with muffins! Walnut muffins sound nice. I would like chopped prunes in there too. yum

  6. Kelloggsville: Oh 4 is pretty good. Yes prunes would be nice..I like that idea!

  7. I'm doing more and more Indian recipes when it comes to chicken...they seem to use my store cupboard herbs and spices well too.
    Certinly, for two, a big chicken can stretch line elastic!

    Do you do the soup from the bones with chickpeas?

  8. Fly: No I've never used chickpeas in soup...but it's an idea. I use the stock for other soups as well as lentil...carrot and coriander, vegetable, tomato, chicken, potato and leek..the list is endless..whatever I have in the fridge really!

  9. WOW! I am impressed. Unfotunately, with little ones that would only last a day.

  10. OH...I'll bring lots of chicken if you'll cook it. Those meals sound delicious and I love chicken.

  11. likeschocolate: yes it's easier to feed two of course!

    Charlotte Ann: You're on!

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  13. If you like the taste- (some people do not) fried chicken livers over rice with gravy is a very nice and extremely cheap meal. Served with onion soup- or potato soup in winter- and you have a good but inexpensive meal.
    Preparing meatballs using ground meat, some soy or rice and your choice of spices and freezing them can give you a lot of different meals on a budget. One day in a creamy cheese sauce, another day in tomato sauce over rice. The real trick, I think, is to vary the meals as much as possible.
    Good luck

  14. Nomad: I love chicken livers and use them a lot. I make a very good chicken liver risotto with onions and lots of garlic. Chicken livers are also the main diet for my dogs with makarna, as it's cheaper than anything else. Thanks for the reminder about meatballs...haven't made them for ages! xxx

  15. Bomb: Glad to see you're going to take up the challenge!

  16. By the way, I was told that giving chicken bones to dogs can be dangerous. Have you ever heard that? I have heard the bones can crack into sharp pieces. Perhaps that's another bit of false trivia lock inside my skull.

  17. Nomad: No its not false trivia it is the case with dogs who are not used to them. But I have it on good authority from an Australian vet who was training vets at a vet schoool/hospital in Kayseri some years ago, that dogs weaned on them learn how to chew and chew until they become a pulp and they can digest them. Beki has been eating them for 8 years now with no ill effects. But I wouldnt advise them for dogs otherwise

  18. Note to self: NEVER read Ayak when you're hungry and there's nothing in the fridge! I'm drooling right now...

  19. 'Cross the Pond: Ooh sorry about that! Well I've just cooked another large chicken and am now trying to beat my record :-))


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