Saturday, 30 October 2010

Silly Saturday No. 2

My goodness...I nearly's Silly Saturday again..and the day's almost over.

Here's a little rhyme for you:

When things on our blogs go bad
We're left feeling angry and sad
Who can we call
To get back on the ball?
Blogger Help is no help at all.

(Just a fun way of expressing my frustration at the lack of support from Blogger Help)

Anyone else want to add a little verse to show how they feel about problems with blogging?


  1. If you've got a problem with Blogger,
    Don't go to the forums in hope.
    They're never any use,
    You might as well be a moose,
    You'll get nothing to help you to cope!

  2. Jan: Brilliant...thanks for joining in xxx

    likeschocolate: I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't had a problem with Blogger!

  3. Still brooding over sister in law....

  4. Oh dear Fly. It must be bad! :-((

  5. It is...but we've moved! So not everything is bad!

  6. I'd have to agree with you there, Linda. I had a new wordpress comment system installed on my blogs because I found the Blogger one rather inert. But of course, more technology, more problems.

  7. Fly: Oh I'm pleased to hear you've moved...hope it went well!

    Gaelikaa: I often wonder how we managed without all this technology. Life used to be so much simpler!


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