Saturday, 23 October 2010

Silly Saturday

I have decided that every Saturday I'm going to do something silly on my blog.  But I want it to be fun, and I'd like you to join in.

The inspiration came in a roundabout way from David McMahon's blog because I really enjoy his "Verse and Worse" posts, where he encourages his followers to respond in rhyme.  It's great fun.  If you've never visited his blog, take a look, you won't be disappointed in his wonderful photos, and his lighthearted look at life.  He had taken a break from blogging for a year.  Some of you may have followed him in the past, so in case you didn't realise, he's now back.

I may also use David's idea of posting verses and getting you to respond in rhyme on future Saturdays, but for my first Silly Saturday post, I'd like you to tell me about one of the silliest things you've ever done.

I'll start you off by telling you one of my silliest moments.  (I have had so many silly moments, I could fill a book).

I was on a course some years ago, and before the day started I found a vending machine and decided to grab a coffee.  I put the coins in, pressed the selection sugar....then start.   The dried coffee came out...then the powdered milk...then the hot water.  But there was no cup to catch it.  So I stood there trying to catch it in my cupped hands.....just as I noticed that the plastic cups were standing next to the machine.  I was supposed to place one under the funnel first.  Imagine my embarrassment  as I struggled to transfer the coffee in my hands into a plastic cup, kindly passed to me by one of several people who had been standing behind me watching the whole time.

So...let's all have a bit of a giggle on Saturdays..tell me about your silly moments! 


  1. wow. i have my silly moments, but let me tell you Ayak, i really don't think i can beat this.

    But OK, here is mine: I am totally a fool in orientation. And for most cases, i only trust my luck in finding a direction.

    Last night, just like a lot of nights alike, i worked (very very very) overtime in the office. in such days, my wife prefers to go to ger sister who lives 10 km. away from us. Amazingly, that town is more like a rural village (some sort of a haven you can say) in the middle of Istanbul.

    So when my work is finished in the office, i take a taxi to home. and i grab my wife on the way, with a very little detour. the thing is, no matter how hard i try, i get lost at least once in like 10 times. this is a statistical fact. so last night, i got lost again, suddenly found myself at a a lakeside which i didnt even know it existed. so i told the cab driver that we must have got lost. so we turned back, checked all the signs untill we found where we (we? no, dont blame the driver, he ony followed my instructions) took the wrong turn, and finally got on the track which costed me some extra money and more importantly, some extra wasted time.

    you know, when i think about it, i can fill a book (a tiny one maybe) just with my "lost in road" adventures.

  2. Oh jedilost...getting lost is wasting a lot of time and money but I really do sympathise, and I understand completely because I also have no sense of direction and often get lost. You need to get yourself a sat-nav I think xx

  3. hi there! I followed your link from David's blog lured by your blog's name...I am in love with Turkey since 2005 when I had the chance to work in Ankara, Izmir and Usak for almost a year. Silly saturdays sound like fun! yours set the bar quite high, so I will try my best by sharing one of the sillyest moments in my life...
    When I was 10, living in Guadalajara, Mexico, I took dance lessons 10 blocks from my house and rode my bike there daily; my best friend lived by the dance studio, so after class we always hanged out, mostly roller skating (yes, the 80's). One day, I felt lazy and thought: why should I take my skates off if I am going to keep skating once I get home... so my wise decision was to ride the bike WITH my roller skates on!! the space between the front wheels and the back wheels was a perfect match for the pedal, so I took off...10 blocks and 2 main boulevards to cross; the idea was good, until the brakes didn't respond so I tried to use my feet to brake...but yes, you have that right: my feet had WHEELS! so I kept going and had to choose between being smashed by traffic or hit a small lemon tree... I can tell you I'm writing this down showing my proud thorn-inflicted scars on my right arm, almost 30 years after the fact!

  4. Hi OJ and a warm welcome to my blog. I just love your silly fact I am laughing hysterically here...loud enough to scare my dogs! Thankyou for brightening up my day!

    And I'm going to pop over to your blog now and take a look xx

  5. It's not that I haven't done silly's just what I was about to put down concerns my sister in law too and as at the moment I could boil her in oil I thought I'd just take a few deep breaths first!

  6. Ooh Fly...I'm intrigued! OK take some deep breaths and come back to it when you're ready :-))


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