Friday, 8 October 2010

Slow progress

It's been almost a week now since Mr A started his new venture.

He has covered a huge area and hundreds of villages. 

The week started fairly well but it would seem that people just aren't buying anything these days.  They don't have money...I know how they's a sign of the times isn't it?

He has established that some villages have still not received payment for the produce they have harvested and this should happen in a couple of weeks, so he thinks he is perhaps a little early and that business will pick up.

At the moment we are spending money on fuel for the car and for the last two days he has sold nothing.  As usual he remains optimistic while I just worry.  Well one of us has to!   I wish I could be more like him with his laidback attitude to life and the belief that everything will be fine... that it's all in the hands of Allah and he will take care of us.  

And talking of Allah (or God) and religion.  Mr A and I have never discussed it in almost 13 years together.  But a couple of weeks ago we were having a conversation and I expressed my views and he said he would never have married me if he had thought that I didn't believe in God.   Well I was a bit upset at this remark at first until he went on to explain what he really meant.  He said that if the subject had come up when we first met, then maybe he wouldn't have considered getting to know me better.  But he doesn't regret not knowing  because he is glad that he married me.  So that's OK imminent divorce on the grounds of not believing! 

Religion came up in conversation with FIL whilst he was here.  He is a deeply religious man..he attends mosque regularly, and even when he doesn't he stops to pray at the correct times.   It's hard to explain to someone like this that you don't believe, that it's the way in which different religions have been in conflict for centuries that has caused me to feel this way.  However he did agree with me when I said that I felt quite strongly that the praying was not so important as the way people lead their lives.  You can lead an honest and unselfish life, always caring for others, without being religious.

I've just surprised myself by writing the previous two paragraphs...because I rarely get into any discussion about religion.  It's a personal issue as far as I am concerned.  I respect people for their beliefs, and accept that it must be a great comfort at times to have this belief, but I hope that people respect my views too.

And that's enough on the subject I think!

I've been hunting around for cheap flights.  I desperately want to see my daughter and grandson sometime soon.  I finally found flights with Pegasus to go to England on 20th November.   Just for 8 days...but better than nothing.  Of course I can't afford it...but sometimes there are more important things in life than money.  I can't wait!


  1. In a way it must have been good to get it straight with Mr A and to have reached an understanding.

  2. If religion had not become institutionalised and been used as a way of controlling people it would be easier to discuss different beliefs and views.

    So glad you found a cheap flight...what a boon these airlines have been.

  3. Jan: Yes it was. Of course I could just pretend to believe to have avoided any discussion..but that's just not me!

    Fly: That's the biggest problem I think. That often people with strong religious beliefs feel they should control the way others think. As a matter of fact I am interested in different religions. I can own up to having read the entire Bible and an English translation of the Koran. I do always keep an open mind and would be open to more discussion if others were able to keep their minds open too.

    Am really pleased to have found a flight...although when I say wasn't really...just cheaper than the rest!

  4. I guess in the end is that it is not enough to divide you. I tried dating people of different religious backgrounds, but in the end I just couldn't seperate from what I know to be true. I do respect others rights to believe in what they want, but I think I am in a different stage then you are with raising children. Your child is grown. I am excited you will get to see your daughter soon. I hope Mr. A's business will soon pick up.

  5. Hurrah for the cheap flight and Boo to all religions

  6. institutionalised political religions cause problems whereas belief and faith are often the foundation stones of morals and ethics and for some carry great strength. From reading your blog it sounds like you already carry the morals, ethics and inner strength and security that others find the way to in faith. Perhaps your husband sees these qualities in you which is why the actual 'belief' part is not so important. Just thinking out loud really.

    Bring on November 20th, yey!

  7. likeschocolate: Thanks. I really think that if love can be divided by religion then its probably not true love.

    FF: Now how did I know you would say something like that? ;-)

    Kelloggsville: Thanks for thinking out loud. I think you've summed it up perfectly.I agree with you.

  8. There are people who do all the rituals in religion and don't have any personal encounter with God and there are people who have the latter and don't do the rituals.
    I would have been a bit upset too by the first statement ....... but glad you got it cleared!

    Hope you manage to get a flight soon and I really hope that Mr Ayak's business picks up. It seems hard to make a living in Turkey.

  9. Maggie. I think your first sentence is probably true. Well I have my flight confirmed for the 20th November so am happy. It is indeed hard to make a living here..but we struggle on as usual!

  10. Oh..I just knew we were kindred spirits...especially the views we both share on that religious stuff...

  11. Charlotte Ann: Yes I have noticed that we share a lot of the same views and sentiments about certain things.

  12. first thing first, i still cant comment in your blog through mozilla firefox, but i can do it now (as obviously) through ie.

    when i was younger and had a more stritct opinion about religions, which is: they are all bullshit, i was so eager to jump into any discussions i saw around. today, im maybe more mature or simply too tired to try to express myself to anybody since i know that it is almost a futile effort, and nobody cares.

    and whats more, i dont have those strict opinions anymore, either. i guess im in that phase of life when you start to see life from another perspective but dont kmow what to figure out. the good part is, the one thing i learnt from my younger ages is that, i dont need to hurry and i dont need to pay attention to it more than it deserves. what i know is, i exist only for once and i should make the best of it.

  13. Praying is for your own benefit, but being good to others is the beneficial side. You need to balance the two to get the benefit. I know people who pray morning, noon and night and they are the wickedest people you could ever wish to meet. I really mean it. Praying is for helping you to deepen your understanding of God, so if someone prays and isn't good to others, what's the use?

  14. jedilost: I do think as we get older we tend not to try and force our opinions on others...but hopefully instead achieve mutual respect with others for our beliefs.

    gaelikaa: Exactly. I do know an awful lot of people who pray but do not lead a good life. It's hypocritical isn't it?


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