Monday, 18 October 2010 long is "soon"?

I'm still without my UK TV website.  I haven't been able to watch any TV this weekend.

Some of you may remember that because I had subscribed to this great website, which streams all the UK channels to my laptop, we no longer needed a television.  I never watched it...Mr A wasn't bothered about watching was just taking up we got rid of it.

I always thought that I was one of those people who can live without television, but it seems like I can't.

That little sign above is what has been appearing on my screen every time I click on the link for the website to check if normal service has been resumed.  What is so irritating about it is that it refers to "scheduled maintenance".  If it was scheduled, then why was there no warning to their subscribers that this was about to happen?

I had tried to get the site on Saturday morning, and at first I had the error HTTP404 message, then later "very busy...try later".  Then eventually the little red message appeared.   Occasionally though I click on the link and get taken to another website...with the same name...which is under construction...don't understand that at all.

I have tried phoning them (thank goodness for my cheap skype subscription) but am just asked to leave a message...which I have.  I have emailed them but this morning I received a Postmaster email saying my email has been delayed.

I don't know what else to do, and I'm concerned that I am becoming a little obsessive about it!  I should probably get off the laptop and find something more useful to do!

But mostly I'm just wondering what "soon" means?   I always understood soon to be something that was hour...a couple of hours maybe.

What do you think "soon" means?  Could it be that I'm so impatient that I can't accept that it could mean days, weeks or even months?


  1. Oh dear, I would really miss english telly! "Soon" means as soon as they've finished doing whatever it is they're doing, which sounds like a major overhaul to their website. Good luck!

  2. I know how feeling "cut off" can be. I love being "connected," whether by internet or just through the television. That feeling of connection has pulled me through many an alone time. So, I wish you speedy "soon." C

  3. May i suggest you google tv? i didnt check it out myself so i dont know what it is all about, but there is one thing im pretty sure: they never crash.

  4. Jan: That'll be a long soon then? :-)

    Stickhorsecowgirls..thanks I really need a speedy soon.

    jedilost: Thanks I had a look at that but you need to have a TV and box whişch we don't...but it's an interesting concept.

  5. Hugs to u hope it all gets sorted soon xx

  6. For me 'soon' is right now or tell me why not...but a French 'soon' is ...when we get round to it and just tough if you have paid for the service!

  7. Bomb: Thanks...hugs back at you xx

    Fly: Well of course soon is the same for me as it is for you.

    Turkish soon is much the same as French soon other than they never take the money from you until the job is done!

    This is a British site...they clearly don't seem to understand the meaning of soon.

  8. Hope your problem gets fixed "soon" lol! I mean as quickly as possible! And I know the feeling btw! And I don't think you are getting obsessive about it, because impatience is the new life! lol! x

  9. Mel: Hi sweetie...nice to see you. Well I'm not impatient now that I know that the website have a major problem so there are 1000s of others suffering the same as me. It always makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one with problems! :-))

  10. "Soon" is a nebulous word meaning "anywhere between NOW and when you get tired of asking".

    It's funny how much one can miss a TV!


  11. Pearl: Hi and a warm welcome to my blog.

    Well they say you don't miss something till you don't have it! x

  12. The two most dangerous words are ``scheduled maintenance'', Ayak!

  13. So it would seem David! And welcome back xx


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