Monday, 4 October 2010

The Travelling Salesman (or Mr A's current adventure)

We packed the stock of Mesir Macunu into the car.  We have small and large jars and also some packs of toffee type sweets (also made from the same recipe).  We also had 5kg of mesir macunu lokum (turkish delight) and we weighed this out into 200mg bags.

Mr A set off on Saturday to tour the local villages with his wares.  On Sunday he went a little further to Mumcular (on the way to Bodrum) where he knew there would be many people attending a market.

It was my idea to start locally, although Mr A had doubts about how well the products would sell in this area.  He sold a few items, at a good profit, but not enough to get excited about, but there are other areas where he knows it will sell better, which means travelling further.

So today he set off on a trip which will probably take about 4 days. He has taken a blanket and pillow with him and will sleep in the car to save money.  I packed up as much food for him that wouldn't go off, and some extra clothes.  I'm afraid personal hygiene won't be at the top of his list of priorities over the next few days...but it won't be noticed in the villages, where people don't worry too much about such things!

 He headed towards Muğla and then on for about 40km, stopping at villages along the way.  It's been a slow start, but it's still early days yet.  I think it will take a while yet before we actually start making money on this venture.  Apart from the cost of petrol, in each village he has to pay the Muhtar for an announcement to be made on the public address system announcing his arrival.  And he also has to buy tea in the teahouses...because it's a good place to start.  He told me this evening that he thinks he must have drunk around 20 glasses of tea today and he's getting a bit sick of it...but needs must!

I have been trying to print off leaflets detailing the benefits of mesir macunu with a printer that has no instructions with it, and a shortage of paper.  I just can't get the hang of it so tomorrow I will download instructions from the internet and pop into Milas to buy some more paper.

I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that the car keeps going and that Mr A manages to clear the current stock in as short a time as possible.  We really need this to work!


  1. Fingers crossed.
    No one could try harder to make things work.

  2. Hello Ayak,

    Since I am just another lazy guy with a lot of ideas but no real intention to try them, i think i can share this one with you.

    Try to sell them on Ebay and any other sites like that. All you need to do is to open an ebay account, write an attractive info -which might be the leaflet you mention, and of course, the macun itself. then, maybe yu can try some social media tweaks.

    This might really work, because 1. mesir macunu will be more attractive to foreigners rather than the locals, and 2. even if i like it and want to buy it, i would really think twice before i actually buy from a store because i wouldnt want anybody think that i need them.

  3. I've asked Turkish friends...and they seem very shy of buying it or even knowing what it is..and then their wives ring up and say they can get it at one local shop and always keep it buy for illnesses in the family.

    So In France, using it is something seen as unacceptable in French society....while the French go to faith healers!

  4. Fly and Kelloggsville: Thanks xx

    Fly: I'm wondering if the shyness comes from the fact that some time ago someone decided to call it the Turkish viagra! There is of course no truth in the rumour...but then again would anyone actually own up to using it for that reason?! It's a recipe that has been used from Ottoman times, and villagers in particular swear by its healing properties.

    Jedilost: Interesting idea. In actual fact the taste seems not to appeal to foreigners...but people in villages love it. When we arrived in Manisa on Friday, and before we located the factory, we found 2 large shops selling only Mesir Macunu products, which makes me think that it must be popular and that people are happy to buy from shops.
    Before we undertook the venture we searched Bodrum and Milas for any shop stocking it, and could find none. It seems to be popular in some areas and not others. So Mr A is covering those areas where he sold well a couple of years ago. Except that this time he doesn't have to share the profits with someone else.

  5. I hope he does really well in this new sounds promising. By the way, I love your little cartoon pictures...they always match your posts so well.:)

  6. Everythng crossed here for you Ayak. Love the little pic too it brought a smile to my face xx

  7. Rosie...thankyou xxx

    Mr H: Thankyou. I just search the net for appropriate pics..just to brighten up what might be a bit of a boring post! xx

    Bomb: Thankyou my dear friend xxx

  8. Fingers & toes crossed for you both.
    Mr A sounds a very determined man & I have to admire his perseverance.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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