Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blogging from the UK

My flights from Bodrum to Sabiha Gökcen Airport, Istanbul, and then on to Stansted, on Saturday were on time, and the service was very good.  This is only the second time I have used Pegasus Airlines and I am very impressed.  Their prices are almost half of those of Turkish Airlines.  I would definitely recommend them.

It is of course an absolute joy to be spending time with my daughter and Billy.  I was again anxious that after 6 months he may not remember me, but I needn't have worried.  We are getting along very well, and he is perfectly comfortable with me.

I seem to be having problems with my camera...well to be honest it's probably me rather than the camera. I'm taking lots of shots of Billy and none are coming out too well.   I was just about to post up one of them but Blogger is playing up so that's put pay to that!

I am keeping up with all my favourite blogs...but I don't always have the time to leave comments.  So apologies for that...normal service will be resumed on my return home.

And yesterday I spent the day with a blogger friend.  We met up for the first time and really hit it off.  More about that tomorrow.


  1. Have a fantastic time! cold isn't it !!!

  2. Glad the journey with connections all went well.

    I think Blogger is playing up a bit on your blog because my brother, Eddie Bluelights, has been trying to leave a message to you for ages but none of the links have been working for him.
    It can wait till you get home.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday and don't feel too cold.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Keep warm and enjoy're going to be such a help to your daughter.

  4. Enjoy your family and don't worry about commenting!

  5. so happy to hear you are in the UK with your family! your encounter with a fellow blogger intrigues me... tell us more!

  6. Oops I didn't return to this post to thank you for your thanks...better late than never!

    Maggie: I think I know what that's about...and thankyou for mentioning me in your "roast". I feel very honoured. Eddie can reach me by email ( seems some people are still having problems leaving comments on my blog...and I can't seem to get Blogger to respond to my reports.


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