Friday, 5 November 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures...we all have them don't we?  And sometimes we don't actually feel guilty about them...which is even better!

Chocolate is my No 1 guilty pleasure...which I don't really feel guilty about these days.   I have always been very selfish with chocolate...particularly Cadburys or real Belgian chocolates.  I don't like to share them.  I know that makes me sound very mean.  I'm not...I'll give anything I have to anyone in need...just not my chocolate.

When my children were small they had enough chocolate and sweets..perhaps more than they should when I had chocolate for myself I didn't feel it necessary to share it.  My guilty pleasure at that time was, having put the children to bed, to have an early night snuggled up in bed with a good book and a big bar of chocolate.   Sometimes, one of the children would wake up and wander into my room, just as my mouth was full of chocolate.  They would say "what are you eating Mum?"...I would swallow quickly and reply "nothing darling".   My daughter actually remembers this and we laugh about it now.

I have decided at my age that I no longer have to feel guilty about it.  I hardly ever have chocolate..and almost never Cadburys.  Except that I have a lovely friend in England who has occasionally sent me parcels of it.   She knows how much I love it.  She has just informed me that she posted some to me on I have a parcel to look forward to next week.

Another pleasure which I do still feel guilty about is going shopping to buy things for myself.  We have had such lean times here that I've just got used to not feeling that I should treat myself too often.  In England I loved shopping for clothes.  Since living here,  I really don't need lots of clothes.  I only ever buy what's necessary.  The weather has been very mild and I had not really looked through my winter clothes until a few days ago, when I realised that I didn't actually have any warm jumpers.  It will get colder here, and my two week trip to England will require warm clothes.  So yesterday I set off to Milas and out came the credit card.  I bought two lovely jumpers and a cardigan.  They weren't expensive but I did have pangs of guilt as I bought them.  Although I did also buy something for my daughter which I hope will fit her growing bump, so that made me feel a lot better.

By the time I arrived home and gazed at my purchases...the guilt had completely disappeared!   Maybe this post should have been entitled "Not Guilty Pleasures"

So tell you have any guilty pleasures that you want to share?


  1. Oh now you've made me think of the chocolate I've put out of sight (sigh). Dear Mother in Law brought some chocolate out with her last time she came and it's not part of the low cholesterol thing so I put it out of sight (but not out of mind unfortunately). I am fine for days/weeks at a time and then it comes into my head and it just has to be eaten............. There's only one of the three little (tiny really!) boxes left now. Trouble is Him Outdoors thinks they are still there..................

  2. You mean you actually manage to put chocolate out of sight Rosie? Such willpower! Oh go them! Or if you feel too guilty you can always send them to me...only too happy to help! :-))

  3. It's becoming a parent that triggers "guilt". Once children are in our life, self denial becomes a steady companion. You don't buy it for yourself because "the children might need something". I've heard that phrase in my ear for years now..
    My guilty pleasure? A little red sports car..which I will look at today and try to convince myself "I deserve it"

  4. Charlotte Ann: So very true! And as for the sports car? Of course you deserve it!

  5. No need to feel guilty at all because no one is going without because of it.... are they?

    Chocolate....... I love the dark chocolate and buy from Trade Craft & then I know that I have helped someone in a very poor country to get a realistic price for their goods. And I have enjoyed the experience of eating it.(I often eat it in secret!)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. My guilty pleasure is nail varnishes hehehehehehe I like to paint my nails different colours of the rainbow cos I find it soooooo relaxing so, when I see a lovely colour I just have to have it !! xx

  7. Books. They cost a bomb but I still buy them...

  8. Maggie: Well buying fair trade chocolate is brilliant because you know you're doing something worthwhile..and enjoying it too. Oh and it's more enjoyable when you eat it in secret isn't it?:-)

    Bomb: That doesn't really surprise me because you always take great care with your appearance...and it shows!

    Fly: Well I can understand that...I couldn't live without books either.

  9. no.1 - bags and shoes - can't get enough!
    no.2 - fine vodka on the rocks with olives
    no.3 - cho co la te!!!!! especially dark with almonds or hazelnuts.
    Guilty as sin!


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