Friday, 19 November 2010

New Blog Title

In case you're wondering why my blog title has been changed slightly, I decided to include my username "Ayak" in the title, because I think there are other blogs out there called Turkish Delight.....after all it's not a particularly original name for a blog by someone living in Turkey.  I never did have much imagination when it comes to choosing such things!

At the same time I thought I would change the picture in the header to something more appropriate for the season...although I hasten to add that it's not indicative of the weather here at the moment, which continues to see temperatures in the mid 70s and higher, during the day.  Very unusual for this time of year...I'm not complaining of course, but I have had to frantically search for winter clothes to pack for my trip tomorrow, as I'm still walking around in t-shirts!


  1. Oh my Goodness! That looks cold. Didn't think Turkey had weather like that!
    Your blog does look good.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Love the new look Ayak, and it's a good idea to change the title of your blog too. It make's it even more personal!

  3. WOW...when does it actually snow there? How interesting.
    Have a safe trip Linda......

  4. what a great background! I love your new title too. The coldest cold I've ever felt was in Turkey - driving from Usak to Ankara, everything was WHITE with snow and ice - I can't remember the name of the town where we stopped by for chai and simit, but it was unbelievably cold. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Maggie: It's Istanbul in depths of winter. We dn't have snow in this area. Thanks xx

    Jan: Thankyou xx

    Charlotte Ann: Yes it does snow in some parts..the most snow I've experienced here is when we lived in Cappadocia...very cold winters.

    OJ: Somehow when it is cold here, with snow, it feels colder than anywhere else!

  6. likeschocolate: Thankyou xx

  7. I left a comment...but it was Bloggered!
    I like the new title...and like even more that I don't have to alter anything to keep track of your blog!

  8. Fly: Yes I like it that I changed the title on my settings and then didn't have to do anything else...clever isn't it?


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