Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No time to blog!!

I mentioned in my last post that the Turkish government had at last lifted the ban on Youtube.

To be honest I had never even looked at Youtube before the ban, so apart from seeing that other people had uploaded videos on Facebook and blogs, I never gave it another thought.  After all I couldn't watch any of these uploaded videos...all I could see was a blank white square.

So I started browsing Youtube this week and was pleasantly surprised to find that Youtubers upload TV programmes, including all the soaps that I normally watch on my UK TV website.  If I missed any of these previously I could never find a website where I could watch them.  iplayer for example doesn't work here.

I am still experiencing problems with my TV website.  I have been emailing the website who don't seem to be able to tell me what the problem is.  I've also been in touch several times with TTNet because we are also having connection problems.  So all in all I don't really know who is responsible...but I have at least been able to catch up on Youtube with the programmes I've missed.

There are also a couple of series on UK TV that I have really enjoyed, and I have been gradually building up a collection of DVDs which I buy from Amazon....not when they are first released as they are quite expensive...I just wait until the prices come down.  This means of course that I am several series behind.  But I have now discovered them on I had been looking forward to spending the winter catching up with them, and saving myself the cost of buying the DVDs.

However, it seems that my happiness at being able to access Youtube will be this article explains.  Youtube is likely to be banned again any time now.  It's all so bloody silly isn't it?

The reason I have had no time to blog over the past couple of days is simply that I am frantically watching as much as I can of my favourite programmes on Youtube while I still have the chance.

So no doubt I will be back to my daily blogging again quite soon


  1. you know gorging isn't healthy! lolol
    Can you get
    there? They show a lot of different things..movies, tv shows etc.
    I love You Tube. I watched a video of a doctor removing a bone spur from the achilles tendon right before I went in to have that surgery done! I'm informed...

  2. is there a good reason for the restriction? could it be that the Ataturks of the modern era feel YouTube is the devil?? there goes another reason to blow their chances to be part of the EU!!

  3. Charlotte-Ann: There are lots of websites that show TV programmes of course, and it's the English ones that I'm interested in...however they don't work here which is why I downloaded the UK TV website for which I pay a monthly subscription..but its not working properly at the moment.So the lifting of the Youtube ban was so exciting...ah well nothing lasts!

    OJ: Well the government think they have good reasons for everything they do..not many Turks agree with them! I don't think we will get into the EU any time soon to be honest.

  4. I don't blame you for making the most of it while you can, and maybe it won't get banned again. Fingers crossed.

  5. well, there are always other ways to access youtube and any everythnig else. while some of them might be rather tricky such as changing some settings in your computers, some of the solutions are extremely easy.

    i totaly think that these bans are the epitome of sillyness and everybodu knows thry dont even work. now, having said that, i find it extremely silly to put EU in the centre of everything going on in this world. there is no doubt that turkey needs a lot of more improvements and not because these improvements are somehow related to EU. we need improvements for ourselves.

  6. it is also equally silly that google asks if i want emails for the replies of my comment, after i send the first one without any questions so i have to write another dummy comment.

  7. Jan: I'm still making the most of it!

    jedilost: I find it too complicated trying to use a proxy. You know I'm not technically minded and unless it's simple enough for a 5 yr old to understand then I'm lost!

    As far as the EU is concerned...I totally agree with you..first and foremost we need changes for ourselves. I personally wouldn't like us to be part of the EU. I'm not sure it will really be to our advantage.

    (As for your 2nd comment...I have to laugh...because I know just what you mean!)

  8. jedilost: Thanks for looks quite straightforward so I'll hang on to it in case I need it xx


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