Thursday, 4 November 2010

Poppy's haircut

This is my dear little Poppy at her best.  Her coat is beautiful.  Until you get up close that is.   She hates being brushed and it's essential to do this every day otherwise she ends up with knots and tangles in her hair.

Unfortunately over the past couple of weeks her hair has become quite spite of my best efforts at de-tangling it every day.

So I decided to give her a trim.  Easier said than done.  She wriggles like a worm at the sight of scissors, and I've been trying to snip off the tangled bits each day for the past week without much success.

Yesterday Mr Ayak decided that there was only one thing for would have to be done with proper hair-cutting shears.   He has a friend who is a barber in Milas who gave him a hair-cutting kit a couple of days ago.  It's not a particularly good quality kit, and not a professional one of course, but the barber sells them in his shop.  It comes with all sorts of attachments which Mr A decided were suitable for Poppy's haircut.

So he shut himself in the bathroom with Poppy and there they remained for 3 hours.  There was no squealing from Poppy...not a sound...just Mr A making soothing noises to calm her ...and at one point actually singing to her!

When they emerged, Poppy was completely shorn from head to toe.  It was a bit of a shock but I'm sure it will grow thicker now, and hopefully we can keep on top of the tangles day by day.  Although the weather is still warm during the day (mid 70sF) it gets very chilly at night...and will no doubt get colder soon, so I was a bit worried about Poppy being cold, so last night I made her a little jumper out of one of Mr A's old ones.  I'm useless at doing this sort of thing...and although it looks OK now I'm pretty certain it will fall apart quite soon.  So here she is:


  1. What a little darling!
    I recognise that look in her eye...the look of the hard done by dog....

  2. Haha yes's that look that says "how dare you do this to me?" :-)

  3. She is really cute with that short cut in her little coat. I think it is good that you can see her eyes now.
    Mr Ayak did a really good job.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Maggie: Yes I think it's a pretty good job...and it is nice to see her eyes for a change!

  5. Poppy looks a lot happier now too. But what a brave man your husband is!

  6. Nomad: A lot braver than I am!

    Kelloggsville: I know :-)

  7. Poppy looks gorgeous and especially cute in her outfit, Mr A and u did a good job xx

  8. Mr A did very well, and she does look a cutie-pie!

  9. Bomb and Jan: Yes it is a good job and she seems a lot happier somehow...and more vocal unfortunately!


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