Saturday, 6 November 2010

Silly Saturday No. 3

It's another Silly Saturday.

I was just flicking through channels on my TV website, just as the credits were scrolling on the screen at the end of a programme and noticed that the person with the job title "Audio Mixer" had the name of Denny Mouthon. A name kind of suited to the job!

Do you know anyone who has a name that is appropriate to their job or character? 

I have mentioned before in my blog, when I lived in Goreme we had a man who delivered our gas bottles.  His name was Fahti (pronounced "farty")....Fahti the gasman!

I once worked with a lady called Betty West, who married a Mr East.  Of course she would often say that she didn't so much get married as change direction!

So...come on my dear friends...see if you can come up with some more!


  1. I once worked with a lady with the last name Hooker, but she was far from a Hooker. My mom always laughs that there is a Vietnamese guy here in town with the name Puck Dat. You can just imagine.

  2. I'm sure that I've come across some funny names but I think that Bray & Slaughter ( a firm of I don't quite remember, possibly solicitors) was one of the funniest.
    Oh and we had a Dr Payne!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I think there was actually an antique dealer called Robin Bastard

  4. I saw something just yesterday about silly names and I was going to forward it to you but some of them were so filthy that I was afraid you'd be offended. Same with posting.
    Many of these fake name showed up with people who made comments on television "person in the street" type interviews. Apparently they didn't wish to use their real names and so used fake ones. But not merely fake but dirty.
    In one case, somebody had entered a contest with a silly (and vulgar) name and had somehow won. Of course, the problem was trying to prove her name really was Dixie Normous.

  5. likeschocolate: I can just imagine that poor guy telling people his name :-)

    Maggie: There just had to be a Dr Payne! Oh Bray and Slaughter...very funny!

    Fly: How very appropriate :-))

    Nomad: You know me well enough by now to know I'm not easily offended! But thankyou for not posting some of them on here in case anyone is ;-)
    I think the woman deserved to win with a name like that...false or not!

  6. There are little towns in Latinamerica influenced by the USA; so it is not rare to find children named USNAVY (named after reading that on a vessel) or USMAIL (from the stamps) - true names I sweare!

  7. Really OJ?! How interesting...poor kids having to grow up with names like this!


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