Saturday, 13 November 2010

Silly Saturdays

Silly clothes...awful clothes. Things that we thought looked wonderful when we tried them on in the shop, but once we get them home they get banished to the back of the wardrobe.

Or perhaps items of clothing that have been bought for us by our nearest and dearest, that we then feel obliged to wear.

 Mr Ayak means well...bless him...he used to buy me clothes for my birthday.  Not any more.  I tactfully put a stop to it.  I had to or I would have been forced to wear a paper bag over my head so that I wouldn't be recognised.  Just look at these bright orange dungaree shorts he bought for me when we had only been married a short while:

And because I didn't want to upset him I felt I had to wear them..for a while at least.  I hated them...they are just not me, and at the earliest opportunity I "lost" them.

He bought other clothes for me which I fortunately don't have photos of.  It wouldn't have been so bad if he had taken me with him to choose something...but no...he liked to surprise me!

The last thing he bought was about 3 years ago.  It was a top/blouse/whatever in a silky material in the brightest of colours...lime green, blue, orange..with a huge bow at the neckline. It was just hideous.  I tried it on...and thank goodness it was too small.  "That's OK" says Mr A "I'll take it back to the shop and get a bigger size".  "Maybe I had better come with you so I can try it on"  I suggested, and he agreed.

Well it must have been my lucky day, because they didn't have it in my size so I was actually able to choose something more appropriate.  It was then I explained to him that I really didn't need any more clothes.  I have enough to last me a long time.  So from then on he bought me flowers or chocolates....and this year he bought me a gold chain....which was lovely.

And thinking about the orange dungarees reminds me of my paternal grandmother who used to buy me half a dozen pairs of bright orange stockings (I never wore stockings, just tights) every Christmas.  I think they were called American Tan...does anyone remember that shade?

So tell me about your clothing disasters...whether bought by you or someone else.


  1. Oh American Tan - straight back to school :-)

    I went to an all girls school with a headmistress who seemed ancient. It was announced in assembley that we weren't allowed to wear these new fangled tights because they were unhygienic!

    Why stockings and suspenders below the level of a skirt turned over at the waist as many times as possible to make it as short as possible were more suitable I have no idea!

  2. OMG..Linda...EVERYTHING I wore in the '60's makes me cringe when I see the pictures and I have NO one to blame but myself. I selected everyone of the montrosties I wore. Huge bell bottom pants that could have made a wardrobe of denim for a few children. Huge patterned things that were "oh so not flattering". I see some of that stuff in the stores now and wonder at the young men and woomen that are buying. Someday they will get to look at themselves in photos and cringe at their taste in clothing too! I want to be there to peruse their photo albums and remind them of the fun made at my old albums!

  3. My husband once bought me a flimsy long nightie and matching flimsy short sleeved dressing gown made out of sheer nylon and in a hideous shade of pink.
    I hated it from the very beginning and it was a Christmas present and we had no central heating and it was a freezing winter.
    For a long time I made excuses not to wear it because of the cold. Eventually it was forgotten and then lost!
    Aren't I horrible?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Rosie: It almost sounds like you went to the same all-girls school as I did! Yes the stocking tops showing beneath the skirts wasn't a pretty sight!

    Charlotte Ann: I also remember the clothes of the 60s...but we thought we looked so good in them didn't we?

    Maggie: No...not horrible at all! Why is it that most men don't seem to have good taste when it comes to buying clothes?

  5. Rosie beat me to it on the stockings versus tights at school.
    We started at school wearing socks...just as in the junior school...until the first year were summoned en masse by the headmistress...a good stand in for a Scottish Presbyterian God...and informed that as we were now young ladies we must tell our parents to buy us stockings and suspender belts!
    My father nearly had a fit!

    Tights came along later....horrible things, but far better than having the awful feeling of a suspender belt twisting on you if making any violent movement.

  6. Fly: I hated suspender belts..the most uncomfortable contraption ever invented. Tights weren't much better particularly if you were very skinny like me and they just kept falling down...touch of the Norah Batty's!

  7. my wife made it perfectly clear that i cant buy any clthes or shoes or etc for her as a present by no means, because i always buy ugly things.


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