Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday in England ( Blog Post No 400)

I love Sundays in England.  A day of relaxation and Sunday roasts.

I always stay at my brother's house when I visit.  I have a cosy room with a double sofa bed and TV.  I used to stay with my daughter years ago but it wasn't really practical.  They've never really had enough space for guests and I'd have to sleep on the sofa.  But also we find that if we spend too much time together then we start to have those silly little mother/daughter spats.  We don't have real arguments but because we spend so much time apart there's always a little tension on both sides when we get together.  It settles down of course by the time I return home, and then we end up wishing I was here for longer.

Last Sunday was my first day here and I spent the day with my daughter, son-in-law and Billy.  They moved house recently, so SIL was busy decorating, and my daughter catching up with paperwork and other things, which left me time to get to know Billy all over again.  Then later my daughter cooked a roast dinner and my Sunday was complete!

I've seen them every day but one since I arrived and it's been great.   We were a little disappointed at the switching-on-the-lights ceremony yesterday.  We missed the Elvis impersonator whilst we were in McDonalds, but apparently he only performed one song then disappeared, then the lights were switched on by someone else.  The lights in the town are a big disappointment...rather pathetic really.  However the firework display following the switch-on was very good.  Billy enjoyed watching the pretty ones, but when there were bangs he hid his head in his Dad's shoulder.

So today I am off to visit a friend for coffee at 10am and then I'm off to my daughter's for the rest of the day.  My son-in-law is out today, so we may go shopping, or if it's too cold we'll just relax in front of the TV.

And checking the temperatures, I somehow think it will be the's minus 5 here now....and it's 20 degrees back home....the thought of which makes me feel even colder!!

I've just realised that this is my 400th blog post....and I am amazed that I can find so much to write about...a lot of it's drivel of course, but it makes me feel good, and I hope I haven't bored you all to tears!


  1. Of course you haven't bored us! Enjoy your sunday!

  2. I'm never bored here. Now...describe where you are. I've never been there...and am oh so curious about the town, the house, the clothes, the people...and on and on.
    Send pics....I like pics..lolol..
    Have a great time Linda!

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  4. Have a great afternoon ...... Im never bored by your blogging xx

  5. Have a fantastic Sunday what ever you choose to do!

  6. Hi I have come to your blog via Bomb,I have enjoyed your blog so far and am going to follow you ,enjoy your day and your visit with your family Jan xx

  7. Jan: Thankyou xx

    Charlotte Ann: A good idea would be to google Maidenhead, Berkshire, England to find some good photos. It's on the River Thames, not far from Windsor, which you may have heard of, and about 25 miles from London...and thanks xx

    Bomb: Thankyou xxx

    likeschocolate: Thankyou xxx

    Jan: Thankyou and a warm welcome to my blog. As I already have another follower called Jan, would you be so kind as to write Jan No. 2 or Bomb's friend Jan at the bottom of your comments so that I'll know it's you? Thankyou it's nice to have you here xx

    Fly: you ask so nicely I'll keep going :-))

  8. Happy 400th!
    It is a tad cold here, isn't it?
    Hope you do all the things that you want to do this holiday!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. 400 posts! That's cause for celebration! Thanks for your window into the world that so many people never get to see. :)

  10. Maggie:Thanks! Very cold! Of course 2 weeks isn't enough and I'm not getting to do very much but enjoying Billy!

    Carolyn: Thankyou...and I appreciate you following xx

  11. Glad you're having such a wonderful time with your family! And congrats on the 400the post. I still have issues commenting which is dismaying but I am reading!


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