Monday, 15 November 2010

Update (Mr Ayak's adventures)

I haven't mentioned Mr A much lately.  It's that time of year....winter...when there is no work about and no money coming in.  I usually find it a bit depressing to keep talking about it.  But I'm in a good mood today.

Mr Ayak hasn't wasted time.  He managed to sell almost all of the mesir macunu stock...slowly but surely.  It just about covered petrol and basics, but not enough to pay the bills or buy more stock.  A couple of weeks ago he managed to find some building work.  He was promised 50 lira a day, plus 20 lira petrol money.  The first and second days he waited around on site, along with other men, and the boss didn't show.  On the third day he worked from 7.30am until 8.00pm.  He was paid 30 lira...not 50.  It's a fair distance from here and it costs 25 lira each day for the round trip.  What use is 5 lira (about 2 pounds)?  What's the point?

He has been all over the area looking for work, and during the past week decided to search the internet for jobs instead of wasting petrol.  He found a company who manufacture tracking devices for cars.  I don't know all the details, but they are likely to be used by taxi drivers or haulage companies and such like.  He travelled to Denizli where the company is located and a supply of these devices will be delivered here on Wednesday.  As I understand it, he takes orders...the money is paid into the company bank account and then Mr A will receive commission on the sales.  It's only 15% so he will have to sell a lot to make a living.

In the meantime he has the company's website on his laptop with a demo video, and he set off yesterday with his laptop to see if he could generate some interest.   He has managed to get 5 provisional orders.  If they go ahead the money will be paid and the goods delivered on Friday, then hopefully the commission will be paid into our bank account.  I say "hopefully" because I am sceptical.  This is Turkey and I never believe anything until it happens.

In his spare time, Mr A has managed to completely secure the garden with chicken wire, to prevent Little Miss Houdini  (Poppy) from getting out and  other dogs from getting in.  He has also given the doghouse in the old house a makeover.   A couple of floorboards have been replaced and the front boarded up with some sturdy perspex boards which we found in the old house.  This makes it water and windproof but lets the light through.  The door has been removed so that Poppy and Beki can go in and out when it's raining.  And he has fixed corrugated metal to the ceiling so there are no leaks. They have carpet on the floor so it's very cosy.  So we no longer have to shut Poppy in the house when we are out.  Both dogs have the run of the garden and a nice place to shelter.

All the windows have now been resealed with silicone so no more leaks!  This has been tested by the storm we had early this morning, and it's great that I don't have to put down towels to mop up the rainwater. Lots of other niggly little repair jobs in the house have also been done.

I now feel quite happy that I can set off to England on Saturday, knowing that the house is secure and the dogs are safe.

I had originally booked my flights to stay just one week in England, but managed to change the return flight so that I can now stay two weeks.  I am so looking forward to seeing Stella and Billy.

Only 5 more sleeps...can't wait!!


  1. How exciting to be so close to taking your trip. I'm not sure if you can watch this or not but I thought of you and the dogs when we saw it the other night.

  2. ah..I'm so happy that you will be visiting your daughter and family. I can only imagine how difficult it must be not to have that grandchild close so you can see him anytime! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Its been a while since I popped in Ayak but I'm glad I did so that I can wish you a safe and happy trip back to the UK!!

    I hope Mr Ayak gets paid his commission like he should, I hate it when you cannot trust people to deliver on their word.

    Safe travels.

  4. Mr H: Thanks for the link. I tried a couple of times but couldn't get it....but thanks anyway xx

    Charlotte Ann: Yes it is difficult being away from them for so long. Billy has changed so much.

    Piglet: Thankyou. I am looking forward to the trip. I only wish I could do it more often!

  5. Well you can go off without worrying about the dogs or the house and Mr. Ayak is so resourceful that something just has to go right for him.
    It makes me angry to think how...if it were Mr. Ayak paying out commission it would all be done above board, but instead he has to rely on people far less honest than himself.

  6. Fly: Yes it makes me angry too. To think that he scraped together the money to pay all his hamam personnel in full before closing the business, even though others wouldn't have bothered!

  7. That will be lovely to have two weeks in England. You will need to wrap up and it has been raining a lot!

    Mr Ayak certainly trys hard with work. You have to admire him for that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Maggie: Yes everyone keeps saying ho cold it is..I have sorted out my winter clothes and have my umbrella ready!

  9. I hope all five of the provisional orders translate into successful sales, Ayak.

    Have a great trip back to the UK.

  10. Have a wonderful time back home.

  11. David: I hope so and thanks xx

    Nomad: Thanks my dear friend xx


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