Wednesday, 29 December 2010

And another modem bites the dust!

We've been having storms again during the past couple of days.  No doubt those of you who have been reading my blog for a little while will recall that we have had two modems destroyed by lightening strikes this year., the last one blew up whilst I was in England and Mr A had to replace it with No. 3 before I returned home.

I am more vigilant than Mr A.  Why?  Because I am a woman and I am more sensible.

When the black clouds appeared yesterday, before the thunder even started, I disconnected the phone line
and modem.  In fact I unplugged everything.  When the storm had passed I switched on again.  The storm came again, then disappeared, and then again.  Each time I disconnected everything.

Mr A arrived home last night and switched on his laptop.  It was getting late.  I switched mine off and went to bed.  I had only just switched off the light when there was a huge crack of thunder overhead.  I rushed out to Mr A and told him to disconnect everything.   "'s ok" he said "we don't have to do that anymore because TTNet told me they have sorted out the problem and we have nothing to worry about".   I wasn't convinced, and told Mr A so, saying that I'd rather be safe than sorry.  He insisted (why do men always think they know best?) and left everything switched on.

I went back to bed and 5 minutes later there was a bang.'ve guessed it...the modem had blown up again!  I can't begin to tell you how angry I was, and the air was blue......not from the smoke but from my language!  So no internet and telephone line dead.  Great!

TTNet have given us  modem No. 4  this morning.  They seem to have forgotten that the last one that blew up was in fact one that they had lent us whilst the previous one was being sent away for repair (it was beyond repair as it turns out).  So in fact we actually now owe them for the cost of 2 modems.  But they seem to be confused, not surprisingly,  and just handed over a new one.  I'm not complaining of course.

Mr A has spent over half an hour on the phone to TTNet customer service setting up the new modem to his laptop.  I hasten to add at this point that he hasn't a clue what he's doing.  So now, thanks to TTNet, he has wireless connection, but I don't.  So I am for the time being attached to a short USB umbilical the laptop is attached to the modem and I can't use my laptop where I usually do.  That is until I can get hold of my brother-in-law in Ankara to sort it out for me...yet again!



  1. As a member of the male species I must protest. I always unplug everything as soon as dark clouds threaten. Which is why we've only lost 2 modems (or 3?? can't remember)

  2. Oh! Never need to file down your teeth while there's a man in your life.

    By now TTnet must have circulated a memo...if it's the Ayaks...just give them another modem or she'll tell the world about our service....

  3. Hmmm...yes Bomb ;-)

    Oh Heiko there are always exceptions...and I know you are one of the sensible ones :-)

  4. Fly: Well he has been suitably contrite today..but that won't last!

    I think TTNet just want me to go away and leave them alone to be honest!

  5. Your life seems beset by problems & setbacks.
    I don't know how you cope & stay so optimistic!
    Well done to you for that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Maggie: Believe me...I'm not coping very well at the moment! It has been a particularly difficult year...I won't be sorry to see the end of it on Saturday...roll on 2011!

  7. Ugh! Things like this frustrate me to no end. Glad you were able to get it fixed so quickly.

  8. That's amazing! Really. All those modems hits from those storms! Does this happen to anyone else there in that area?
    How frustrating. you have my sympathies!

  9. likeschocolate: Yes at least things usually get fixed pretty quickly here.

    Charlotte Ann: From what I can gather it does seem to happen to others around here too.It's beginning to feel like a not very safe place to be!

  10. In my years online, I have yet to have my modem fried. (It's tempting Fate to write such a thing, I suppose.) One time I had a modem that ran off the USB- thus the PC battery. It was strange when the whole city was plunged into hours of darkness and I was able to get online and view the local webcams.

    However, when I was a child I happened to be sitting in my aunt's house when lightning struck and made a TV explode- well actually it only popped like a firework.
    Oh yeah, our car was struck once two.. or so close it might as well have been. Everything went totally white- the kind of white you see with your eyes shut. My mother didn't even slow down and I think all she said was something like "Whooooosh! Wasn't that something?!" Unlike me, she was not so easy to impress.

  11. Nomad: Best not to tempt fate by talking about it!
    Your mother sounds like a fearless woman!

  12. I remember people stuck in the elevators of our site all the time. I wondered why they took the lift at all, if they knew bad weather was imminent!

    I had a whole-house surge protector installed here and all sorts of power strips on the computers, etc. Would that help you at all?

  13. Carolyn: I think it might, although I think we need to get back to basics really, ie the electrics need sorting, inside and out. People do take such risks with electricity in this country. A qualified electrician is almost impossible to find around here!

  14. Oh no! Why do men never, ever listen to us women? They should know by now that we're always right!!!

    I hope this modem lasts longer!!

    Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

  15. Piglet: Wouldn't we be shocked if men actually did listen to us?

    And a very Happy New year to you's going to be a good one xxx


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