Friday, 17 December 2010

Custard, Chocolate and Chewsticks

Christmas arrived early in our little house in our remote village.   Here I was, sheltering from torrential rain and mopping up the matter how you think you've found all the places where the rain comes still manages to get in somewhere!

Mr Ayak sold my gold chain.  He got a friend to fix the car and he put petrol in it. He ordered some stock of mesır macunu products, which will arrive this morning, so he will set off to start selling it around the villages.

He also bought a new gas bottle.  Several days without one saw me getting very excited at it's imminent sad is that?  And he bought some food...just basics but you all know how I can make marvellous meals from almost nothing....I've had plenty of practise!

A dear friend made a lovely gesture of goodwill yesterday...I won't go into details because I wouldn't embarrass them...but suffice to say it was so kind that it made me cry and it has made me realise just how lovely people are.  I may not have a religious faith, but I will never lose my faith in human beings.

Mr A also checked my postbox in Milas and picked up a couple of Christmas cards for us.  Along with them was a parcel from my friend who has a house in Selçuk and who you may recall visits me when she's over here (always laden with treats for the dogs!).

The parcel contained several bars of Cadbury's chocolate, 6 packets of custard, and a bag of chewsticks for Beki and Poppy, and a lovely christmas card and letter.  It arrived just at the right cheered me up immensely.

And I'm afraid I have to own up to scoffing a considerable amount of the chocolate last night until I felt quite sick!  But is nearly Christmas isn't it?  The season of goodwill...when you realise just how special people are.


  1. Nothing more precious than a good friend is there? x

  2. People are so lovely aren't they, and you enjoy that chocolate!

  3. auntiegwen: Absolutely....a good friend is priceless.

    Jan: People are lovely...and yes I am enjoying the chocolate!

  4. Hey the comment button works again all of a sudden! It's good to get treats like this isn't it. We also got a similar one from a bloggy friend, but I'm not allowed to say who in case everyone is going to ask for parcel! We've had snow today and with all that chocolate (and chewsticks for the dog) it's feeling very Christmassy. Have a good one!

  5. likeschocolate: Yay!!

    Heiko: Hi.. It's like another Christmas present for me to have some of my dear bloggy friends back here commenting. Don't know how it happened but it did and I'm very pleased xx

  6. At last I can get back on here. Delighted with your surprise gifts and gestures


  7. FF: Thanks and welcome back! I hope the commenting problem has been solved permanently.

  8. Friends are just about one of the best things in life.
    Glad you've perked up...

  9. They really are Fly...and I feel so much more positive today..thanks xx

  10. Been there, done that with the too much chocolate thing! A supply of Cadbury Dairy Milk came my way not too long ago, and *oops* they disappeared overnight. Sometimes the scarcity means I savor more, though! Can't take it for granted.


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