Sunday, 12 December 2010


I come from a family of dog lovers.  We've always had dogs.  My very first own dog..was a present from my parents when I was 12 years old...a black poodle called Chippy.  I loved him.  When I left home, he was very settled with my parents and younger brother so he stayed with them.  When he died they replaced him with another similar poodle called Tinker.

During my first marriage I had two Yorkshire terriers called William and Daisy.  I was devastated when they grew old and died.  Later on we rescued two more dogs, a Jack Russell called Tom,and another called Scruffy.

I have mentioned before that I have rescued a number of street dogs since I moved to Turkey.  We kept them for a while, got them vaccinated and neutered and found homes for them.  Sadly we can't afford to do this anymore.  But I did keep Beki who is now around 8 years old, and of course we took Poppy in over a year ago.  

When my daughter was 12 years old (or thereabouts) she had her first dog...a Cavalier King Charles called Sam.  She adored him and when she set up home with my son-in-law Sam went with her.  They decided to get a cat, a ginger called Ringo, who got on very well with Sam.  I know she constantly worried about how much she would miss Sam when he was gone, so I think she felt that having Ringo around would eventually soften the blow.

Sam lived to a ripe old age and finally died just before Billy was born.  Very sad because it seems that Billy also loves dogs and he never had the chance to get to know Sam.   When I speak to him on webcam Poppy jumps up on my lap and Billy gets very excited.  Billy also loves Ringo the cat and they have become the best of friends.

Stella's father has always had dogs too and Billy enjoys his visits you can see from these pics taken yesterday:

I like this dog bed!
Are you awake?

Let's be friends!

I have a feeling that Billy will have a dog of his own one day when he's old enough to take care of it....all little boys and girls  should have a "best friend"...don't you think?


  1. Being dog lovers ourselves, I loved your post. I had dogs growing up, but never really got close to them as we never got to keep them that long(mom had allergies). Now that I am married and have a home of my own, I have two little rat terriers that I wouldn't trade for anything in the whole world. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Bronson and Pepper: Hi and a warm welcome to my blog. I love the uconditional love and loyalty you get from dogs...more reliable than people most of the time! Enjoy your've waited a long time for them xx

  3. What super photographs of Billy....he obviously has an affinity with animals which is lovely.
    I've always had dogs...great companions and a damn sight brighter than most people!

  4. Love the pics of Billy, I lovedogs too but I also love cats and any type of animals, as you know I have my two babies little and large lol and I love them to bits xx

  5. I love having our dog Jasper, and of course he makes sure that I go for a walk every day! My ex and I had a rescue dog when the children were growing up - he really was the best dog in the world. (Sorry Jasper x)

  6. Seems like Billy will own a dog one day! (If his wife will let him!) LOL!
    I used to have 2 Yorkshire terriers when my children were small & then I went on to cats (3) They all lived to a good age.
    Now it is the turn of the rabbits!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Fly: I agree...and they never let you down.

    Bomb: Yes I know you do! I also love cats and have had a few over the years. I think they're more independent than dogs somehow.

    Jan: There's always a favourite dog..I have one from my past but I won't tell you now as Beki and Poppy are watching :-))

    Maggie: Lets hope he marries a dog lover!
    Your rabbits are adorable. They must give you a lot of pleasure xx

  8. i love dogs too. and i learned from the hard way that having a dog in an apartmant is not a good idea. if i ever have a chance to live in a house, i will definitely have a dog, maybe two.

  9. jedilost: it is difficult to have dogs in apartments here because as you know most Turks don't really like dogs..and I can understand them being annoyed if you have a dog that barks a lot in an apartment. I hope you get your wish and one day have a house and a couple of dogs xx

  10. Is the problem in Turkey the islamist idea that the saliva of dogs is unclean?

    Our Turkish builder said that when he did his national service, all the guys were obliged to work with dogs to rid them of what the army...the guarantor of the secular state...regarded as superstition.

    Of course the European Union has succeeded in destroying the power of the army in Turkish constitutional law..not realising that Ataturk gave the army that power to avoid Islamisationam of the state.

  11. i dont know if it is because of the saliva or the dogs themselves, but islam considers dogs as an "unclean" animal and does not approve it indoors. there is also a sect who considers touching dogs as a sin. well now, since it is speficically dfined what is sin and what is not in Quran, and dogs are not listed, i tend to believe it is a very strong tradition confused with religion. but of course, im not an expert.

    before we bought this aparment some time ago and were looking for a new one to rent with my wife, i rememeber a landlord who said he wouldnt give us the apartment because we had a dog and even though it was not a big deal for him, he knew that the neighborhood was a religios one and it would be a problem for us.

  12. Fly: I think jedilost's comment explains this pretty much and better than I could.

    And I think your builder is jedilost would probably confirm.

    As far as your last para is concerned..this is also very true! I think jedilost would agree with me here too?

    jedilost: Thanks for the explanation. I think attitudes towards dogs are changing don't you? There are a lot more Turks who now have dogs as pets, rather than as security for their property..tied up outside on short chains...something which I find very distressing.


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