Friday, 10 December 2010

Frustrating Friday

It's been another one of those weeks. 

Our internet connection has been playing up again.  OK we have a new modem...very nice... but our connection is frankly just crap!  TTNet don't care.  Why should they?  They have the monopoly on internet in Turkey and they can just ignore your complaints and carry on charging exorbitant prices for a diabolical service.

And for two days the telephone line has been dead.  We rang Turk Telekom from my mobile phone. They gave us a number to ring to report it (and why on earth couldn't they just deal with it?).  The number is 121.  You dial it then get automated options and you just keep pressing the keys.  It takes 2 minutes to complete the procedure (without talking to an actual human being) and you are charged 2.5 ytl for the privilege.  But what's the point?  That was yesterday morning and nothing has happened.

It's warm again today but not sunny, so we have no hot water.  I would normally just heat up water on the gas hob but yesterday the gas bottle ran out.  I no longer have an electric kettle because the last one died some weeks ago and even though it was still under guarantee I can't get it replaced.   Don't ask me why.  It's a whole other story concerning Turkish guarantees...not worth the paper they're written on. 

It's a bloody pain having to heat up water in the microwave. In fact it's pretty much impossible to cook everything in the microwave.  But we can't get a new gas bottle because we've run out of money.  Why?  Because Mr A is waiting to be paid for orders he obtained for the company fitting tracking devices to vehicles.  It should have arrived yesterday...but it didn't.  Nothing new there of course...we're pretty much used to waiting for money.

I have toothache...I need to see a dentist.  Poppy has problems with her teeth...she needs to see a vet.  We need a new gas bottle.  We need to pay bills.  It all takes money...and we just wait.

Well I feel so much better for getting this all off my chest....and I will end on a more positive note.

The sun has just come out......and best of all...Stella had her 20 week scan yesterday and the pregnancy is progressing well and we now know that she will be having a brother for Billy.  She and my son-in-law are delighted, and so are we.  Billy is just going to love being a big brother!

Update:  The phone line is now working..Just as well as I planned to tell them today that I wouldn't be paying my phone bill this month.   Now I just have to tackle TTNet and try to get them to improve on their service!


  1. Sorry things are so frustrating for you at the moment. I hope they get better for you in the new year.

  2. Lovely news about your daughter...all good wishes for her!

    How frustrating when one company has a monopoly!
    I remember with distaste when France Telecom had it...nothing but problems which they shrugged off.

    Here there is also a monopoly - ICE - which is fighting tooth and nail against competition being introduced.
    All depends where you are as to the level of service...out in the sticks..the real have some sort of wireless connection which can be distinctly dicey, but here we have a 'phone line service which gives me good broadband access.
    Things go wrong...lines come down...and once we had to wait a week for the lines to be sorted, though usually it is done within the day.
    We have grilled modems and the chaps are out the next day with a replacement...

    But the big difference is that it's not the shrug of indifference of France's the harassed voice explaining that he's short of guys today thanks to...whatever...but he´ll try for tomorrow...

    Like that nice guy who opened the office to sort you out one time when you had problems...the attitude counts.

  3. Fly: Yes the attitude does count and to be fair most of the time the attitude of the individuals I speak to at TTNet or Turk Telekom are fine...they try to be helpful, but they are just small cogs in a very big wheel and often there is little they can do..but they try. I did also speak to my lovely Mr Keleş today and he sympathised but there was nothing he could do about this problem at the moment.

    I'm glad the health service in Costa Rica is's so important for you and Mr Fly to have peace of mind in this respect.

  4. Re health service...yes!
    We'd checked out the system while holidaying and there are lots of moans about the use of generic medicines and waiting times for elective nothing could have prepared us for the level of help Mr. Fly is getting.

    There's a fair bit of queuing...but we're NHS products!

    There's a fair bit of running around photocopying stuff....but France introduced us to that...

    But the equipment is first class, the staff are efficient and the follow up is frequent and regular.

    I am very impressed.

  5. Oh dear, chin up, these things are sent to try us, as my dad used to say! I hope your tooth won't cause pain before you can get to a dentist.

  6. Kelloggsville: Yes...eeek indeed!

    Fly: Sounds pretty much like Turkey with the queuing and photocopying but it's also efficient here too and fairly cheap.

    Thanks Bomb xxx

    Jan: dad used to say that too! The toothache seems to have subsided a fair bit so not too much of a problem now.

  7. likeschocolate: Thanks...I'm sure things will get better soon...I hope!


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