Sunday, 5 December 2010

Home again

I had a wonderful time with Stella and Billy in England and the two weeks just flew by, but it's great to be back to warmer weather again!

My return flights were on time and I only had one little niggle with Pegasus Airlines.  I always pre-book my flight meals.  It's just easier that way.  On the outward flight to England, the tray arrived with a label with my name on attached to it.  However on the return journey yesterday, the cabin crew were dishing out the trays with the labels, and I didn't get one.  I asked where my meal was and was told I wasn't on the list.  I was shown the list, and sure enough I wasn't on it.  Now I know I booked my meals and I paid for them, but the stewardess insisted I hadn't.  I asked her how come I got my meal on the outward flight with no problem?  She said she didn't know and could do nothing about it.  She then walked off.

I pressed my service buzzer.  Ten minutes later she returned.  I said I would like a meal and if necessary I would pay (again) for it and take it up with Pegasus Airlines when I got home.  She then said that apparently they had two meals with names on them, but those people weren't even on the flight.  So I said it would seem that the company had made a bit of a mess of things.  But she still insisted I wasn't on the list, but she would bring me a meal as soon as possible.

In the meantime I ordered and paid for a drink, and the steward said he would come back later with my change.

My meal arrived, and the stewardess said she would return later to collect my money.  She returned to say that as the two allocated and paid for meals had not been consumed by the missing passengers, she had decided that I wouldn't have to pay for mine.  By this time I couldn't actually be bothered to repeat that I had paid for mine.

And the change from my drink?  It didn't appear and I had to ask for it just before we landed.  All a bit irritating and it would be good if Pegasus could just improve on their cabin crew training.

Mr A and the dogs were pleased to see me and I'm loving the fact that I can go back to wearing t-shirts again instead of layers of jumpers and coats!

I'll leave you with a few (not very good I'm afraid) snaps of Billy...I'm having problems with my camera...well that's my excuse!


  1. My blog post was selected months ago and scheduled for today.. but it is spookily apt for you,Ayak.

  2. Hi Nomad :-))
    Thanks and yes your blog post is very appropriate! xx

  3. Lovely photos, and I'm sure Billy's of an age where he won't forget you at all, not even if it was ages since you saw him. As for Pegasus.... :-(

  4. Glad you had a great time...and glad too that you're happy to be back.

    I thought the second pic hilarious...Billy has the expression of a star who has just had too much of the paparazzi...

  5. hehehe, hasn't he grown?

    so glad you are warm again x

  6. Jan: I hope he remembers!

    Fly: I agree about the expression. He has a knack of pulling faces to make people laugh. He knows what he's doing. He's quite a character!

    Kelloggsville: Yes he has grown!
    Oh I'm loving this warmth!

  7. I am glad you got home safely. How terriable with the flight. It seems like the airlines just don't care anymore.

  8. Sometimes you have no choice except to fly but I avoid it whenever possible. There is no "consumer satisfication" related to flying now. It's good to know you got home safely. The temps here have plummented...but not as bad as the northern parts of the USA.

  9. likeschocolate: You're right...they don't seem to care..just happy to take our money!

    Charlotte Ann: I wouldn't fly unless I had to. Temps here are still good...cooler at night but have been outside in the sunshine today...lovely!


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