Monday, 27 December 2010

Memories of Göreme

Some of you may have read some of my posts about My Turkey Journey (see labels at the bottom of my page).   I lived in Cappadocia for 4 years, almost 3 of which were spent living in Göreme. 

During this time I worked in a small cafe owned by a man called Refik. He, his wife, brother, and parents, became good friends.  Mr A and I split up for a while during this time, and Refik and his family were a great support to me.   His parents still live in the cave house where Refik was brought up, and one of my friends in Göreme has just come across this video which is part of a programme made by the BBC.

You will see quite clearly what a wonderful sense of humour Refik has, and he was great fun to work with. He is one of those people that becomes friends with everyone he meets, and tourists come back year after year to visit him.

Enjoy the video.  It brings back wonderful memories for me of this beautiful part of Turkey.


  1. That was super!
    We visited Cappadocia and loved it...but, as always in Turkey, a big factor in that was how nice people were.
    I enjoyed Refik's reason for not living in the family cave...'my wife is a modern lady'...!

    Lovely memories..thank you.

  2. Wow, I'm glad you shared this as I found those cave dwellings to be absolutely fascinating. The neatest part is that they are still inhabited.

  3. isn't it nice when BBC becomes your personal memory assistant? I love it when he says,"I'm 100% cave man."

  4. Fly: Yes it is wonderful. I miss it dreadfully. The people are lovely. Haha..Refik's idea of the modern woman isn't quite the same as ours I'm afraid. :-)

    Mr H: Lots of the caves have been tastefully restored and are beautiful homes now, and many more have become hotels. Although there is now a restriction on any more building work.. Just as well. It would be awful to spoil it.

    Nomad: Yes...good old BBC. I'm so glad to have found this. The impression given was that he only occasionally visits his parents house but he's usually up there every day, and he and his "modern" wife stay there a fair amount. They are lovely people.

  5. I've always loved Capadoccia and what a nice coincidence that Refik is in this clip!

  6. Yes it is Carolyn. I love Cappadocia favourite place in Turkey.

  7. This is just incredible! I've heard of the place, it's truly amazing.

  8. Heiko: Yes it really is amazing and well worth a visit. I thoroughly enjoyed living there and was very sorry to leave.

  9. What an amazing region and how good that once again you can access youtube.


  10. FF: Yes it is amazing...also amazing that having Youtube unbanned that the powers that be haven't yet found another petty reason to ban it again!


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