Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My first Advent calendar

I have never had an Advent calendar...not one my entire life.  We just didn't have them when I was a child.  I did buy them every year for my children..the ones filled with chocolate, and they loved them.

This morning my brother gave me an Advent calendar filled with Thornton chocolates...what a treat!  And it prompted us to start reminiscing about our childhood Christmases...lovely memories!

Well it would seem that pretty much all of the UK has had snow...apart from this little corner of the country.  We had a few flakes yesterday, but it didn't settle I'm pleased to say.  It is exceptionally cold though and I am finding it very difficult to cope with it, particularly as the temperatures back home are considerably higher!  This weather reminds me that I have arthritis and osteoporosis, and that I don't even notice it when I'm back home, because I clearly live in the best climate for these conditions.

You may recall that I have had two modems hit by lightening this year.  The first one exploded into 1000s of pieces and set fire to the carpet.  The second one blew up but was sent away by TTNet to be repaired about a month ago, and TTNet kindly lent us another one to use whilst ours was being fixed.

Last Thursday when I tried to ring home, the line was dead, and Mr Ayak didn't appear on the internet all day.  He eventually phoned me to say that this third modem had  been struck by lightening and that the phone line was also affected.

On Monday he went out and bought another new modem, and got Turk Telekom to repair the telephone line and set up the internet connection again.  He used all the money he had to do this, saying that he thought that if I knew I had no internet to go home to, I might decide not to return home!  (I have to admit that the thought did cross my mind!).

Actually I am kind of looking forward to going home.  But I do feel torn.  I love spending time with Billy and my daughter, but I miss Mr A, my dogs and my home.  I would love to be able to visit England more often...a lottery win and a private plane would do the trick!


  1. Is the surge coming down the power?you need a power protector! Or unplug it during storms!!

    Love Advent, lovely services too.

    You'll soon warm up at home. It is good to be away and enjoy every second with your family but it is also good to get back home.

  2. Ooooh Thorntons..........

    Thank you for reminding me that I had bought one from Lidl which was hidden away. Tiny morsels of chocolate, yummy.

  3. Oh er sounds yummy maybe I should go buy one for myself xx

  4. Hi Ayak!

    Unlucky you to have had your modem struck by lightening 3 times! That's amazing! You need to get a power surge protector as Kellogsville suggests. I've never heard of anyone's modem exploding due to lightening before, you must get some pretty amazing storms in Turkey!

    How did you manage to escape the snow? Even we have the snow here in Lyon today! In fact, I'm currently snowed in (unless I want to walk anywhere LOL).

    I love advent calendars. They are one of my best childhood memories (okay, I have lots of others too but I adore the countdown and excitment in the run up to Christmas). I have put mine up this morning too :)

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the time with your family and have a safe trip back.

  5. Oh, Thorntons..!

    I've been saving some of the chocolate the Belgians brought for Christmas and New Year - luckily it is unseasonably cool (well, for here anyway)so I can keep it out of temptation's way in a cupboard rather than in the all too accessible fridge!

    We've grilled two modems in our when everything was unplugged which really threw me...but it happened in a violent thunderstorm and the same thing...all unplugged but modem grilled...had happened once in France too.
    I wonder if technology senses I don't really feel at home with it...

  6. So lightning doesn't strike twice - it strikes thrice! That's so unfortunate! Hope you have a nice tough modem this time.

    As I was reading I realized I have never had an advent calendar of my own. Always shared (never with chocolate) with my siblings and now I buy them for my children. I may have to go and buy one for myself!

  7. A third strike on the modem! What are the chances of that, do you think!
    Enjoy your advent card. I think I had one or two as a child but never with chocolate like today.
    I know what you mean about going away and coming back home........TORN!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Oh, I know the feeling of being torn between wanting your home and not wanting to leave your child and grandchild.
    I've been told that a surge protector just protects against power surges in the line from electric company and doesn't protect from lighting strikes! what they tell me so I try to remember to do it.
    Good luck to you and your internet. If I had to choose, I would give up television before the internet.
    Have a safe trip home and visits are so much sweeter with the anticipation.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. We have been using a surge protector but clearly this didn't help. As Charlotte Ann has mentioned they don't protect against lightening strikes. When I'm at home I always unplug at the first sign of a storm...but unfortunately I wasn't there and Mr A was out of the house at the time. We are going to have to be more careful in future.

  10. 3 lightening strikes is not a coicidence and you can bet it will continue to happen. does your neighbours have the same problem? they might not have modems but i know that lightening may strike the power lines in a house and it can hit any other electronic device such as the tv set. in any case, you should definitely try to take some precautions.

  11. google comment system is stupid.

  12. Fancy having three strikes, that's terrible. Touch wood we've never had one. As for leaving family in the UK, I know just how you feel x


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