Monday, 20 December 2010

Portakal and Mandalin

Portakal (oranges) and mandalin (mandarin oranges)...this is the season for these lovely fruits.

Mr A bought these mandarin oranges at a market yesterday.  About 5 kilos cost him a total of 1.5 lira (just over 40 pence).  They were cheap because they had blemishes on some of the skins...which made absolutely no difference at all to the juicy, seedless fruit inside.

Several years ago, when we lived outside Side, Antalya, our apartment block was  next to an orchard and there was such a glut of portakal and mandalin that the owner insisted on giving us huge bags of them every day.  We had so many that I was squeezing litres of juice from them and storing in the freezer...and I attempted a kind of marmalade/jam...which wasn't terribly successful.

We have two lemon trees in our garden and the fruit are coming along nicely.  They are much larger than last year but they are still a bit green, so not quite ready.  Although last week, we ran out of jam, so I picked some of the lemons and made a quick lemon curd, which was delicious.  Even though the lemons were hard, they still contained a lot of juice.

I remember when I was a child, that mandarin oranges were a treat, and we only had them at Christmas.  And here I am now, with so many of them that it's hard not to take them for granted.


  1. I can remember tangerines around Christmas as a child, often in silver paper...and then I get confused between clementines, tangerines and mandarines as choice opened up later!

    Pineapples were as rare as hens' teeth too and although bananas, once scarce too, turned up in quantity later I could never get enthusiastic about them.

    But here I am you...with these once exotic fruit tripping me!

  2. omg lovely I just had to buy some at £1.79 for just a few grrrr xx

  3. Fly: I also get confused and honestly don't know the difference.
    I love pineapples and can also remember never seeing them as a child. Bananas don't really do it for me either.

    Bomb: They are unbelievably expensive in England aren't they? Pity I can't send you some! xx

  4. How lovely to have so many and for so cheap! I too get confused and don't know what I'm buying half the time but I love a good mandarin or clementine in the winter, mmmmmm lovely!

  5. lovely!! I love mandarins - the juice is to die for! - btw - if you have your lemon curd recipe and don't mind sharing it, I would love to have it! I have lots of lemons!

  6. Those oranges sound so good.:) Here is a recipe for you -

    My wife wants to try this.

  7. Piglet...I agree..they are lovely fruits for winter.

    OJ: I'll post up the recipe tomorrow for you.

    Mr H: Oh that looks good!

  8. They look unbelievably delicious. My husband loves oranges because they always received on in the toe of their stocking every Christmas as a treat. Now we buy them by the sack. And it's bloody pricey!

  9. 'Cross the Pond: I noticed how expensive they were when I was in England recently. But worth the expense don't you think?

  10. Absolutely worth it - both kids love anything orange related: manadarins, clementines, tangerines, oranges, you name it. And I keep buying it regardless of the expense.


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