Thursday, 16 December 2010

Rain and Scams

I took this photo on Monday morning at around 7.00am just before sunrise.

The dogs had woken me up and wanted to go outside. I thought the sky looked so beautiful that for once I grabbed my camera instead of crawling back into bed.

And within an hour it started to rain and has continued to do so on and off all week.  It's been very heavy at times and we've discovered a few more leaks in the house.  Our car has taken a good soaking and is now not working.  Mr A is also not working, and without use of the car it's difficult to find work.  He has been on the internet and made lots of phone calls, but he needs to be out there looking.

He is pretty depressed...not surprisingly...because his latest venture has turned out to be a scam.  He spent weeks out getting customers for a company supplying tracking devices for cars.  He did well..he's good at selling.  The customer places the order and pays the company direct, then Mr A supposedly takes his commission.  He had earned over 3000 lira...which we desperately need.  But he didn't get paid.  

I didn't realise that the "company" was in Istanbul and that Mr A had dealt with them on the internet and by phone.  Had I realised this in the beginning I would have been suspicious.  The telephone lines for the company have been dead since last Friday and the website has disappeared.  I really wish Mr A was not so trusting.  The customers who paid have apparently received the equipment, so they haven't lost out.  But no doubt there are hundreds of Mr A's all over the country who have secured orders, at considerable cost in petrol and time, who will get nothing at all.   I suspect that the equipment concerned was "off the back of a lorry" and had to be shifted quickly and this was no doubt the fastest way of doing it.

So we are back to square one again...nothing new there...we never seem to get further than square one!

I made a decision yesterday to get Mr A to sell the gold chain he bought me for my birthday.  I don't get sentimental about such things.  I thought he was too extravagant at the time he bought it and I'm much more practical.  We need money, so reluctantly he caught the bus into Milas to sell it.  We now have some food and will get a new gas bottle today.  And we have petrol and the car will be fixed today.  We are also going to order some more mesır macunu for Mr A to sell in the local villages.  It won't make us a fortune, but it will keep us (almost) afloat for the time being.

I'm angry about this bloody internet scam.  There's little we can do about it.  Little point in reporting it to the corrupt police or jandarma, who would no doubt just shrug their shoulders and do nothing...all I can hope is that Mr A has learned from the experience.

Onwards and upwards (as they say)...I won't be defeated...I'll attempt to stay positive!


  1. I am so sorry that Mr A has been duped. I am just so sorry that you and Mr A don't live nearer me,you could look after my villa and pool as the money I pay to the property management company would probably cover your living costs for the year and some.

    Ps this has been the first time I've been able to comment in ages xxx

  2. I would probably investigate deeper about who to contact about this scam. If it happened to you, then it has probably happened to other as well. It can't hurt to at least look into it.
    In any case, I feel bad for you. There are so many sharks in these waters. I hope Mr. A remembers that it was those people who did wrong, not him- and taking somebody at their word is not a mistake when you are dealing with non-criminals.

  3. auntiegwen: That would be really good wouldn't it? I know how expensive property management companies are...we could probably have been useful to each other.

    And I'm very glad you are able to comment again...I haven't the faintest idea why it's OK again now. I wonder if it's something to do with my changing the layout this week? Maybe I clicked on something that magically made commenting possible again...who knows? Not me that's for sure!

    Nomad: I know we should investigate further. I have a feeling Mr A will do just that because he's so angry about it..but we have so much to sort out at the moment that it will probably have to wait for a few days.

  4. Here, in a very chilly bit of rural France, we are both so sorry and send a big hug.

  5. Thankyou very much Rosie xxxx

  6. So sorry that you guys have once again fallen to such misfortune. I will say a little prayer that Mr. A can find some full time employment.

  7. So angry that Mr. Ayak's good faith has been abused must feel so frustrated.
    You know, a property management business would be ideal for the two of you...people would give their eye teeth to have someone honest and competent looking after their property....having seen some of the crooks in France at close quarters I'm sure it must be the same in Turkey, though I have the impression that your village is a bit off the second home track.
    Blast it all!

  8. likeschocolate: thankyou xxx

    Fly: Unfortunately we aren't best placed for property management, because we could easily undercut the ridiculous charges made by such companies, and I know we could give a better service. But hey-ho the car is fixed, Mr A is collecting a gas bottle and he's ordered the mesir macunu which will arrive tomorrow. I just take one day at a time...what else can you do? xxx

  9. The more I read your blogs, the more it seems to me that YOU are the one with the business `nouse`, with a shrewd eye for a scam, and an ability to make things work. So maybe the time has come for you to take on a business idea and perhaps harness Mr A's good selling skills to make it all work out successfully? I reckon if you start thinking about your skills, past experience, uniqueness (English in a foreign land etc etc) you could come up with a brill idea to generate some money. What can you personally make / import / do that people out there will pay for ? Perhaps not your neighbours, but rich folk in the cities .... Any thoughts ? Maybe if all of us `followers` getting thinking we might come up with something ?!

  10. Anonymous : Thankyou for your valuable comment. I have had several ideas over the years, but most of them have needed money to start up...always a problem for us. I would really like to attempt something that would really work but that wouldn't involve a considerable financial outlay. So I am of course open to any suggestions from anyone!

  11. What a shame Ayak! They didn't ought to be allowed to get away with such robbery, because that's what it is! Keep your chin up.

  12. Hi Ayak
    I'm so sorry to read Mr A got duped, its dreadful to think that some people can be so heartless and let honest people work and then not pay them anything. What type of monsters raised these people?
    I often think it's a scary world we live in and it makes me depressed. I have been through a very difficult time financially this last year (part of the reason I'm moving) and often I just wanted to wrap myself up in a blanket and hide.
    Good on you for taking each day at a time and good on Mr A for still be a trusting person. Don't let the crooks change you.
    I do wish you better luck though.

  13. Oh Ayak, I am so sorry.
    This is such a nasty thing to have happened.
    I hope you have informed the Police.
    I really hope the new year will bring you a better deal. You really do deserve better.
    (( Hugs)) Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Jan: Yes it is robbery and I hate it that people can get away with it. We won't give up though!

    Piglet. Thankyou. I wouldn't want Mr A to stop trusting..but I'm angry at these people. Although I do realise that people in this country (and almost everywhere) are so desperate to earn money that they'll do anything to get it. They don't really represent the Turks as a whole though...thank goodness!

    Maggie: Thankyou. We will inform the police I think but I won't hold my breath that they will do anything about it. Mr A always says Allah will take care of us. I wish I had his faith...maybe it's enough for both of us.

  15. Bomb: Thanks as always for your hugs and for always being there for are such a good friend xxx


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