Saturday, 11 December 2010

Silly Saturday

Here we are again...another Silly Saturday.

What's silly about this Saturday?  The weather!  It's crazy.  Winter has literally arrived overnight.

While the UK and other countries have been experiencing freezing temperatures and snow, we have had sunshine and temperatures around 20 degrees and higher.  Until today.

No gradual autumn.....just an immediate jump from summer to winter.  I have weather widgets on my laptop and whilst the temperature in my home town in England is now 9 it's 6 degrees.

So I've been packing up my summer clothes today...they won't be needed again for a few months.  The dogs are reluctant to go out in the garden and Poppy has been shivering so is now wearing her woolly jumper. 

The house is very cold so having done all my housework and other chores, I've now crawled back into bed in my winceyette pyjamas with the electric blanket on.  Brrrrr!


  1. Oh dear, keep warm Ayak! It's 4 degrees here.

  2. Keep warm!! I shivered when I read that. I think I'll go fish out my hot water bottle!

  3. Jan: Its now 5 here so you are a bit colder than us. I can't believe I coped with minus 4 last week in England...well I didn't cope really!

    'Cross the Pond: Well I'm still snuggled up in bed with the electric blanket and may laptop...but I can't stay here all winter!

  4. Oh dear, that really is rather funny. We are hotter than Turkey. Can't believe that.
    I also cant't believe what my heating bills will be like next time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Maggie: It came as quite a shock I can tell you. On Friday I was sitting outside and yesterday I'm huddled inside....very strange. We avoid using our heating as much as possible. We use our air conditioning unit and it gives me a headache so I prefer to wrap up in layers of clothes, on the sofa with a snuggly blanket and hot water bottle!

  6. Omg it was only the other day u were in your t shirt lol ..... not so cold here today but its supposed to be back soon xx

  7. Oh Bomb I missed your comment and only just discovered it. It's been very cold for a couple of days but not quite so bad today. The temps on my widget at the moment are 4 degrees in my part of England and 12 degrees here..not too bad.


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