Saturday, 18 December 2010

Silly Saturdays

Goodness me...Saturdays come around far too quickly these days. No sooner have I written a Silly Saturday post, it seems like I'm writing another one.
This post is a little more serious than previous Saturday posts, simply because it's a time to put things firmly into perspective for me.

I've been having a good old moan about how difficult my life is at the moment and I stopped dead in my tracks after talking to a dear friend on the phone on Wednesday. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is waiting to undergo surgery and radiotherapy.   P is one of the first English women I met when I  moved to Turkey almost 13 years ago.   We have lots in common and enjoyed many happy times together.  OK I've met a lot of expats over the years, and can honestly say that there were only a few that I could call real friends and P is one of them.  

She moved back to England about six years ago, taking two dogs that she'd rescued from the streets, going through the heartbreak of putting them in quarantine for 6 months, and eventually having them with her where they settled well into their new environment.   She had lived in Turkey for many years and spent a lot of her time feeding and looking out for the stray dogs and cats.  To be honest, it was the distress she felt at not being able to do more for the strays, that finally prompted her decision to move back to England.

We've been through periods of not keeping in touch as often as we should have done.  I used to try to visit her for a couple of days on my trips to England, but it hasn't been possible recently, because my limited time has been taken up with my daughter and grandson.

I blogged about her in August.  She was back in Turkey for a short holiday, and we had chance to meet up and have lunch together in Bodrum.  Since then I've spoken to her on the phone,and she recently moved house and is now living closer to her family.   One thing I am sure she is very grateful for now that she has this battle to fight...having her family around to support her.

She is in my thoughts now and I am hoping for the best possible outcome for her.

So my Silly Saturday post is really about telling myself not to be so silly about my problems, but to stop and think about those people who are facing far more serious crises in their lives.

This is the time of year to reflect and to realise that there is always something to be thankful for...there are always people far worse off than us.  


  1. Sometimes it takes a moment like this to put all of life back into perspective as you say. I've recently had one of these moments and it rather took the wind out of me.

    Thank you for reminding us all about what's important,it is so easy to forget.

    Best wishes to your friend and her family, I hope that you will have positive news in the future.

  2. There's nothing more precious than your health.

  3. It doesn't lessen the reality of your own problems..but it does give perspective.
    I do hope all goes well for your friend.

  4. There is deffo is always someone worse off than ourselves somewhere, best wish es to your friend Ayak xx

  5. Piglet. Its always good to remind ourselves about what's more important.

    Heiko: Absolutely!

    Fly: Thankyou xxx

    Bomb: Thankyou xxx

  6. I am really sorry about P and hope she has caught it early and that the very best outcome can be achieved.
    I remember you posting about this friend last summer.
    Those 2 dogs were very lucky to be adopted by such a lovely lady.
    Although something like this does make you stop in your tracks .... it is still OK to vent your feelings about the other things in your life because, in a different way, they are causing you grief. So don't bottle it up. There are different degrees of stress!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Maggie: Thankyou.And as always you show how understanding you are. It's what I appreciate most about blogging, that it has become an outlet for me at times to get stuff off my chest, and know that people like you and all my followers, give me support and encouragement. xxx


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