Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Village Photos

Just came across some more photos on our village Facebook page.   The first four are of the long road leading from the main road to the village...our house is on that hill in the distance.

These two photos are taken from the hill behind our house:

Great photos aren't they?  And I hasten to add that they weren't taken by me!


  1. Beautiful pictures.And it looks warm !! hope you had a nice homecoming and not missing the cold too much lol Jan xx

  2. As always, I find your pictures most interesting to this person that is curious about our planet. Thanks for posting. The guy..with the horse and cart? His usual form of transportation?

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  4. Hi Jan. These photos were taken last week...and yes it's still warm. Have been sitting outside in a t-shirt today...lovely.

    Charlotte Ann: Yes it is his normal form of transport, as it is for a lot of the villagers, along with donkeys. We live in a time warp!

  5. wow green! green...not need some :0)

  6. I love that header!
    The village is very lovely but do you know what catches my attention just now? Those lovely blue skies and the feeling of warmth coming in from the photos.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Kelloggsville: Yes green! And I am really appreciating the warmth right now!

    Maggie: The header is of Hagia Sophia. You can read about it here:
    It's unbelievably warm here for this time of year!

    Fly: I'm sure they did! It's a beautiful country isn't it?

  8. It's nice to see photos of your surroundings, and how great that you found them on facebook!

  9. Jan: I was quite surprised to discover that someone had started a Facebook page for this remote village. I didn't realise so many people had internet connection here. Although I did find out that we have only had internet here for 3 years.


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