Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blogger gets it right!

I believe in giving credit where credit's due.

I know I'm not the only one who experiences problems with Blogger.  There are so many niggly little problems with the technical side of Blogger, and being someone who is not at all technical by nature, I find it frustrating at times.

I've had an ongoing problem since last year with followers suddenly not being able to leave comments.  I reported it to Blogger Help several times, as did some of the followers affected, but we never got any answers.  When I searched the internet for a solution I came across others with similar problems who were equally perplexed.
Then I spotted a comment about "reverting widgets".   So I went to my Design page, then clicked on something else, then something else (you see...I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time). 

Anyway to cut a long story short, I stumbled upon "reverse widgets"...clicked on it with my fingers crossed...and it worked.   I haven't a clue what this means or how it resolved the problem, and would love for someone technically-minded to explain it to words of one syllable please, as if you are talking to a 5 year old.  Well skip that...a 5 year old would probably understand it better than I could!

I don't like having comment moderation on my blog, or the word verification.  I like the fact that comments will appear the minute they are typed.  But because of the amount of spam that can arrive at times, I can well understand the need, so I do revert to moderation from time to time.

Blogger recently introduced a system for detecting spam.   You've probably all noticed it by now.  (I know Fly has because she accidentally deleted some of her published comments a while ago...I do sympathise because it's just the kind of thing I would do).

Yesterday I received one of the usual email notifications for a comment on my most recent blog post.  It was a long post full of rubbish.  So I rushed over to my blog to delete it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had not been published but had gone straight to the Blogger spam box....waiting for me to delete it.

So well done Blogger for getting something right!

It has gone a little way to restore my faith in Blogger.  Anyone else got anything positive about Blogger to add?

(Now I'm getting a little paranoid because I was just about to publish this post when an email arrived in my mailbox from the Blogger help page which I've now responded to...see it here.   Is Blogger watching everything we write?  Even before we publish it?  Very spooky!)


  1. When you clicked revert widgets did it affect anything else on your blog? Do you know what revert widgets means and does aside from helping with comments and why it helps commenting to return to normal?

  2. Hi Gina. This is my problem. I don't know what any of it means or how it work. As far as I know nothing else on my blog has been affected by clicking on "reverse widgets".

    I'm hoping some of my more technical friends will post an explanation this space!

    I have managed to post 2 comments on your blog now by the way.

  3. perhaps it may work if you choose a very simple template as if you start from the scratch and delete all the widgets you are using (after conveniently saving them in a secure place of course). if things seem to work, then you can change back your template and then put your widgets back one by one, making sure that the system still works fine at each step.

  4. and i dont know, it must really be something about the template because this comment system you are on is not a well functioning one. when i first post a comment, there is no way to follow it through email so i always have to send a second comment for the system to give me a follow-option. however, i dont see this problem in most of the google-blogs that i follow, which makes me think that the problem might be something about the template.

  5. jedilost: You're probably right about it being something to do with the template. I never had any problems when I was using the original/classic template.
    However I spent hours and hours adding the new template when they were first introduced, and I don't think I could face going back to the classic one. And as for removing, saving and adding widgets again....the thought of my brain having to cope with all this fills me with horror.

    Maybe Blogger will take note of all the complaints about posting comments, and fine tune the new templates? We can live in hope!

  6. I'm just glad I've managed to put a header picture back! I do find the Forums frustrating because there are just long lists of comments from bloggers complaining about what's wrong. Not that they shouldn't complain, they should, but answers from Blogger are few and far between.

  7. Some of the templates are designed by people who really aren't very advanced in such things and it is possible they made some mistakes.

    A friend of mine used a program to "scrub" his PC to make his internet connections faster. That it did but when he went to his blog, his navigator bar at the top was gone- just a blank space. So it was impossible for him to log in, or go to his dashboard, anything. In other computers it was fine. Naturally the help site was no help at all. It has something to do with Java, we are sure but after that, it's all a mystery. He has decided to format his PC and start fresh. It's all backed up but what a hassle!

    Nothing- absolutely NOTHING is more infuriating than to go to a help site and find a topic page for your specific problem and find about 4 other people with the same problem but nobody helping. Or worse, somebody who is supposed to be helping who has merely copied and pasted the same thing from the standard help menu. ARGGGG!!

    I am happy that you are working out your problems. I usually have to stumble upon the answer myself- but not after a lot of tiresome searching.

  8. It makes me relieved to read that there are people out there who are not specially technologically minded too!! Writing my blog has been such a steep learning curve for me, I would hate to have the problem you are talking about now!! Now probably the old evil eye will step in ....

    claudia in Istanbul

  9. Oh yes, Ayak, trust this old fool to do it the hard way!

    I was so furious with myself...and furious with the unpleasant person whose 'contributions' made me go for comment moderation in the first place.

    I find that blogging is a conversation, and losing the comments people are kind enough to make...entirely my own fault too...leaves the blog as a monologue - quite apart from losing a lot of very pertinent and interesting points of view.

    I'm relieved that you sorted it!

    Do you think it wise to enquire into the workings of Almighty Providence when it comes to Blogger!

  10. Jan and Nomad: Yes this is what infuriates me too...the blogger help pages or forums with endless complaints and few if any solutions from Blogger.

    Claudia...Ah yes watch out for the evil eye! Or maybe it's Blogger big brother?

    Fly: No it's probably not wise at all. In fact I do think I'm tempting fate by writing a post about Blogger (haha I doubt we will ever be recognised by them as a bloggers of Note with all our complaints!)

  11. Good to know...I turned off my word verification recently. No problem as yet, but I've been waiting for one to pop up. :)

  12. Carolyn: Interestingly I just had an email notification for a comment on my latest post. It was from an "Anonymous" poster so it went straight to the Spam box awaiting my action. So I like the way this is working.

  13. it is good to hear that you solved the problem. and the follow-comment system seems to work better now because i dont have to send a second dummy comment just to follow them.

    never mind how it is solved. just enjoy it.

  14. jedilost: Exactly! I don't really understand how it was fixed but as long as it's working I'm happy!


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